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Post your shave dens!

That looks great! I love how organized everything is.

What is the soap in the white container with the little blue emblem on the front?
@J-MN Thanks for your kind words!

That soap is The Kraken, by Mickey Lee Soapworks. Unfortunately, they've recently closed. You may be able to get some in the after market. It's a wonderful fresh scent; one of my favorites (I need to parse out my 2 remaining tubs ;) )

the kraken.png
What’s going on in that picture on the end of your razor holder, next to the green Proraso tub?
The young gal is full of shave cream and takes a razor with a 1 pass right down the center of her body to almost her virgina. ( I thought it was a nice picture instead of looking at the end of a piece of wood.)
This is my humble shave den. It has pretty much everything that I want in my rotation. It's missing some brushes/razors and a lot of soaps that are in my storage drawer.

I just updated my set up...things might change again. Still dialing in my space.

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Very nice moderate assortment of great razors and space allotment for bathroom. Nice spider man brush on the brush rack & it seems like spider man is your theme avatar also:thumbup1:.
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