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    Wow, 20 posts in and no one has mentioned Game of Thrones yet? I'm throwing in again with an excellent show that probably flew under a lot of peoples radar. The Knick is a medical drama that takes place in the fictionalized version of the Knickerbocker Hospital in turn of the century New York City. Clive Owen is excellent as the brilliant chief of surgery who has a serious opium and cocaine habit, neither of which were illegal at the time. It's shocking to see how crude medicine and surgery were back in the day. It's no wonder the life expectancy back then was only the upper 40's and those reaching age 65 was only about 12% of the population. Another thread in this drama is the story of an eminently qualified black surgeon who is hindered by and has to constantly swim against the tide of widespread prejudice of the day. It's an excellent medical drama and a fascinating look at life at the turn of the century. This show only lasted 2 seasons so it's a pretty easy binge-watch.

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    Or The Walking Dead haha.

    I recently rewatched Game of Thrones and it really is a good show.

    The Knick is another I really like, but its a bit hardcore at times. Like Deadwood, I can understand why some may not appreciate them. Few shows are better written and acted than Deadwood though. Brad Dourif especially.

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  2. I was into Breaking Bad, Peaky Blinders, and Narcos. Since studying nursing, I've been craving The Good Doctor and The Resident.
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    I have only watched the first 3 seasons of The Walking Dead. I really enjoyed the first and the second seasons but for me the third season seemed to drag on and on and I did lose interest. I was given the fourth season on a thumb drive but I have not got back into it. I watched the first season of The Game of Thrones and enjoyed it until the main character for me finished up out of the season half way through. No spoilers from me.
  4. I never don't get why Game of Thrones is/was so popular. The storyline seemed to drag on. There was maybe 5 minutes of interesting parts in each episode, the other 55 minutes were spent walking from place to place or leading up to the next big event.
  5. Also like True Detective on HBO. The first season more than the second. Believe season 3 is scheduled to premiere some time next year.

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    Narcos is really good. I just finished Narcos: Mexico last week, its good too.

    I'm still watching it, but I'm wondering why. The time jump has messed it up for me. They've skipped ahead years in the storyline this season. Morgan, from Fear The Walking Dead, was suppose to go back to The Walking Dead, but I have no idea how they plan to integrate that with this time jump. He should have been there long ago according to the FTWD storyline.

    True Detective Season 1 is outstanding. Season 2 is pretty good too if you binge watch it. Season 3 is coming up too, Jan. 2019.
  7. Black Mirror and Dexter
  8. Favorite show...Good Eats.
  9. From what I saw of the only GoT episode I watched, I didn't consider incest & rape to be my cup of tea. While I love zombies, my wife and I first saw NOTLD at a drive-in in 1968 and DOTD when it was first released in 1978, I lost interest in Walking Dead after 2-3 seasons when it shifted from zombies to human psychos & torture.

    I like Doctor Who (wife hates it), but some of our favorite shows to watch together these days are:
    - Brokenwood Mysteries
    - Good Karma Hospital
    - Doc Martin
    - Inspector Lewis
    - Mr & Mrs Murder
    - Homicide Hunter
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    I like Dexter. Black Mirror is an interesting watch.

    I havent seen that one but I've seen every Anthony Bourdain episode.


    He once said, "What do you do after all your dreams come true?"
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    Two shows for me to check out- I like Tom Hardy and William H Macy. I don't watch a lot of TV, but if I were to name a couple it would be Curb Your Enthusiasm (like Larry David, but never go into Seinfeld because of, well, Seinfeld) and Doctor Who. I am waiting for the current crop of Who writers to start getting their act together.
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    While hes not in the series, he was in the movie.


    Thats a really good show. I think primarily because the Coen brothers are executive producers. Season two is a prequel to season one with different generations of main characters.
  13. Hello,

    I have enjoyed "Master of None" a lot.

    Take care
  14. Has to be 'Allo 'Allo.......

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    phil-silvers-bilko (31).jpg
  16. Esox

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  17. I like everything Sherlock Holmes but I just couldn't get into Elementary with Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu in New York. Just too nontraditional for my sensibilities. So I skipped the first few seasons. But now and then I watched an episode in syndication and ever so slowly I got hooked. I bought all the DVDs and binge watched them and now I love the show. Great acting, writing (plots, dialogue, relationships), locations, guest stars, etc. Good stuff.
  18. I'll try anything (well, almost) with Lucy Liu in it at least once. Elementary seemed a good mystery series, but as for painting Holmes as having ADD or as borderline autistic or whatever it was, you're right, too non-traditional for me. Doyle's Holmes was a well-educated, highly-placed person in his society; he had family connections with French nobility; and he was perfectly capable of dealing with people from all walks of life, highborn or low.
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    1. Firefly
    2. The Prisoner
    3. Sherlock Holmes (Grenada series with Jeremy Brett)
    4. Sherlock (BBC series with Benadryl Bandersnatch) - but maybe not the last season
    5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - but maybe not the last two seasons, except for Once More With Feeling . . .

    All are funny and violent in unusual and startling ways - except maybe the Jeremy Brett Holmes, which is just Sir Arthur Conan Doyle brought brilliantly to the screen. Three, maybe four of them would be considered old, but then I’m old, and these days I watch a lot more movies and documentaries. (But Jessica Jones and Daredevil are pretty good . . . funny and violent in startling ways . . .).
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