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Discussion in 'The Barber Shop' started by Esox, Dec 3, 2018.

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    Post and discuss your favorite TV Series!

    I havent seen a thread like this and many of us must enjoy a good series. For me it's like watching a movie that lasts and lasts.

    I'll start with one of my favorites, Peaky Blinders.


    Excellent show. Top shelf direction, writing, acting, editing, score and cinematography.
  2. For the U.S. prime time dramas, excluding news programs, talk shows, cartoon type shows, etc. it was the longest running TV series.

    Gunsmoke. It was well written and had world class actors appear in it, many of whom got their early start in it, or appeared early in their career. Morgan Woodward, Bruce Dern, Harrison Ford, Spock, Burt Reynolds, and a lot of others.

    These 60 famous actors all appeared on 'Gunsmoke'

    After being in LE for many years I can appreciate Matt's character, investigative prowess, and dedication, but also see things that wouldn't pass muster in today's world. But it was set in a different time period. It also had nine years as a radio show with William Conrad as the voice of Matt. It still comes on daily on a certain TV channel here.

    Maybe this is why the series ended. :biggrin1:

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    I remember when I was little, 4 or 5, and watching Gunsmoke with my father. I might even have a picture of that lol.

    Its funny how going back and watching those old TV shows, the faces and names you see being in them. Everyone got their start somewhere!
  4. Wow, if we are using Gunsmoke until today as a time frame I could easily name dozens of shows! It would be impossible to pick an all-time favorite and my favorites change from season to season so I'll go with my most recent. My latest binge-watch was Killing Eve. The acting by principal actors Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer is excellent. They have a good chemistry. Comer really embraces her role as a psychopath and her portrayal runs from funny to scary and chilling. One particularly affecting scene for me was when one of the characters in the show had no reason to feel unsafe until Comer's character turns, looks at them and then smiles. It was the look of a pure predator. Just from the look on her face, you can see the character's sudden fear when they realize that they are about to become a victim and it happens in such a seemingly unlikely place. In some places the show isn't as tight as it probably could be but it's a pretty minor quibble. I enjoyed the show a lot and look forward to seeing where they take it in the next season.

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  5. Don't know if I can narrow it down to one.
    Dobie Gillis. Dragnet. Leave it to Beaver. Ozzie & Harriet. Andy Griffith. Paladin. Honeymooners. All in the Family. MASH. Hill Street Blues. NYPD Blue. House. Northern Exposure. Homicide, Life on the Street. ER. Sopranos. The Good Wife. I'm probably forgetting some other contenders.

    These days the only program I watch religiously is Jeopardy!
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    My avatar should confirm my approval of your selection.

    I will add Taboo.
    Tom Hardy is a great actor and plays James Delaney well in Taboo.

    He's role as Alfie Solomons certainly added a great character to Peaky Blinders.
    Some of his more powerful sense are just too colourful in language to post here.

  7. ajkel64

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    Where do you start, Killing Eve, Peaky Blinders, Bosch just to name a few.
  8. Killing Eve has come highly recommended - I think it's one the missus wouldn't like so I will have to watch it somehow when she's not around!
  9. The sopranos
    The wire
    Breaking bad
    Rescue me
    Stargate SG-1
    Stargate Atlantis
    Daredevil on netflix
  10. I had to do another. Spinoffs rarely approach the quality of their parent show (assuming the parent show was even a quality show to begin with) but Better Call Saul comes from one one of the best and it is a great show in its own right. The show opens with the storys ending and we are left wondering how "Slippin' Jimmy" could possibly have arrived at this point. We are then held captive as the series proceeds and we watch his journey unfold. The show is full of great characters and Bob Odenkirk is brilliant in his role. You wouldn't have to have seen a single episode of Breaking Bad to enjoy Better Call Saul and I think that is a fine testament to this shows excellence.

  11. Started a rewatch of Boardwalk Empire. Really miss this one.


    The early seasons of Shameless were awesome. This one probably wouldn't be to the taste of others on here.

  12. The Wire
    Curb Your Enthusiasm
    Breaking Bad
    Mad Men

    HBO and AMC really seem to hit the nail on the head when producing great shows...
  13. Don't really watch a lot of TV but did get into this French sci- fi series. Missions. Short 25 min episodes. In french with english sub titles.

  14. Breaking Bad
    The Shield
    House of Cards (British version)
    Punisher (Netflix)
    Sherlock (Cumberbatch)
  15. And yeah . . . Better Call Saul is pretty awesome, too.
  16. emwolf

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    Monty Python's Flying Circus is back on Netflix. When I was a teen, it was broadcast Sunday nights on our local PBS station (early 1970's). Most of my friends and my brothers friends would come over for the 10pm show (my parents let us stay up for it). It brings back a lot of good memories. Still a very funny and absurd show.

    Probably the other show that I would rank very highly is Columbo. I have all the episodes on DVD now and have re-watched with my daughter. Great stories (mostly), with some great guest stars. One thing that is fun to watch is the changing attitude towards tobacco as the show goes on. Early episodes the cigar is lit, no question about "would you mind if I smoked?" is asked. By the end of the series the cigar is rarely ever lit.
  17. The past month or two, I've been binging on Doctor Who. With well over 100 episodes made since 2005, I won't run out of shows anytime soon. My wife hates it and refuses to watch. I reminded my wife that I used to watch it in the 1970's when Baker was the Doctor. She said she hated it then too.
  18. Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Blackadder, Torchwood, Orphan Black, MPFC, The Goodies, Life On Earth, The Thick Of It, Arrested Development, Porridge, Fawlty Towers, Prime Suspect, Noggin the Nog.

    More recent - Killing Eve, Luther, Stranger Things, Jessica Jones, Veep, Sherlock
  19. Boardwalk Empire was an excellent show. I love that era in history. I could listen to Kelly Macdonald talk all day. I was really happy for Bobby Cannavale when he won the Emmy for his performance in the show.
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    Lots of great shows mentioned.

    There arent many I havent seen, but I had not seen it. Thanks to your suggestion I was up all last night binge watching that! lol

    It was good. Clever writing, and funny too. They also grasped psychopathic behavior pretty well.

    Tom Hardy was fantastic in Peaky Blinders. I was sorry to see him go. I'm with you on Taboo too.

    Thats a great show and really well made. The atmosphere they create is outstanding.

    I'll drink to that.


    No one has mentioned Ray Donovan yet. Its a favorite of mine.


    This season is especially good.

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