Polished Timeless Ti! I can't wait!

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    Timeless had a polished Ti razor on display at Maggard's Meet. I have been waiting for them to bring this to market. It's not available yet, but should be soon. I am definitely adding one to the collection as soon as it is available.

    They also had an anodized aluminum razor on display, a high quality machined entry level razor.
  1. I wish they would make a new Ti handle.
  2. Can't wait!!!!!! Did they mention a price?
  3. I agree, but I figure polished I can match any after market Ti handle to the razor head.
  4. Not an exact price! The said they were targeting $20-30 more or $30-40. Just a ballpark. But that seems to be in line with other manufacturers. They apparently had to identify a different way to polish the Ti to get what they wanted.
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  5. That's very reasonable, I love all of their products.
  6. I prefer to buy the handle from the manufacturer of the head to make things simple and for OCD purposes!
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  7. Nice! I totally understand! I’m Jonesing for Karve to come out with their stainless steel version!
  8. Yeah, I think that is kinda cool too. But the PEEK razor is CRAZY!!!
  9. I hear you!
  10. Same here :001_302:
  11. I am hoping they keep the TRH6 handle for the polished version. I think the one I have on my Ti95SB is the best handle I've ever used on any razor...
  12. Mark and Doug said they are looking at other Handle styles for the Ti
  13. It would be nice to have a variety of 2-3 different handles but if they didn't use the current Ti offering I would be most bummed!! I really like mine...
  14. The polished Ti they had at Maggards was the original and I believe that is what will be available in the first release.
  15. ackvil

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    Any pics of it?
  16. . I unfortunately did not pull out my phone and take a pic. There was a guy there with a nice camera shooting pics and I found him on Facebook, but it looks like he shot the matte with the polished in the background. It does not give a good look at the polished as it’s out of focus.
  17. This is a must have!
  18. Mark posted this pic somewhere else...
  19. ^^^^^^^^^^^

    That is a great looking razor

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