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FS Matte Finish Timeless Ti 0.68OC with Ti Crown handle and razor stand.

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Timeless Ti 0.68OC, Ti Crown Handle and Ti Razor Stand in Matte Finish. CONUS, PayPal (fees included), shipping included to the lower 48 States.

Retail Price: $310 Sales Price: $210

I'm only selling this very fine razor because, it turns out, I prefer the weight of a stainless steel razor head with a titanium handle. I ordered a Timeless SS 0.68OC (scratch and dent) and Ti Crown handle and base the other day and it was delivered yesterday, though we don't get back home until later today to collect it from our parcel lockbox.

As some of you know, I have several matte finish Ti Crown handles and bases. I picked the closest match to the 0.68OC razor head and the combination looks amazing. If you've had a Timeless matte finish razor before, you are aware the finish has a light grit feel to it. I hand polish all my matte finish razors, including this one, with Simichrome to bring out a subtle shine in the titanium. That's the only thing that will separate this from a brand new razor, as I've only used it a few times.

I'll be packaging the complete razor in the same box, etc. the new SS razor comes in, so it will show up at your place like you just bought it from Timeless.

I hope the photos will demonstrate this.

RS_Timeless 1.jpg

RS_Timeless 2.jpg

RS_Timeless 3.jpg

RS_Timeless 4.jpg

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me.


I shaved a fortune
The razor is sold pending the final funding... which is dependent on me pricing the shipping to Canada as the buyer has graciously offered to pay the difference between the shipping costs.

I won't close down the thread until the sale is complete, but the buyer is confident he wants it..

Thanks to him and to B&B. It's always a pleasure selling things here.
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