Pea coat over suit?

Discussion in 'The Haberdashery' started by jasondon, Nov 1, 2016.

    What is your opinion? I've read mixed reviews, some saying too casual some saying it's ok.
    My coat is a schott and I love wearing it!
  1. oc_in_fw

    oc_in_fw Contributor

    If it gets cold where you're at, I say "why not?"
  2. DoctorShavegood

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    I wish I could wear a pea coat over my suit. Down here with the heat, it's more like, do I wear shorts over my shorts?
  3. Exactly. Comfort trumps fashion for me.

  4. It does get cold as I am in Canada. Of course warmth is first priority, but if it looks funny for professional dressware I would go buy a proper dress coat.
    To hell with it, sticking with my pea coat :)
  5. I'm in Manitoba and tons of people where peacoats. Well at least the young adults I am associated with. If you want to be classier and less formal make sure you opt for a nice double breasted coat instead of single. I find those a lot more casual
  6. That's what I wear. And some formal settings, a pea coat will seem too informal. But those situations are fewer and fewer.
  7. My pea coat's not the coat I reach for when I'm going out in a suit on a cold day. But I don't suppose it'd look utterly ridiculous or anything. If you need a coat, and you don't have something more appropriate, then wear your pea coat. If you do own something more appropriate, then wear that.
  8. Thank you for the replies!
  9. I see no problem with a pea coat.

    But then, we still have the A/C turned on here in Texas. I'm glad someone has cooler weather.
  10. strop

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    When it is frigid outside, one wears whatever will keep him the warmest. As a general impression, if I see this, then my first thought is that the gentleman does not regularly wear a suit. If he does, then his topcoat must be at the dry cleaners.:001_rolle
  11. Haha thanks Mark
  12. Not a problem IMO, although a more traditional 'top coat' does look a bit better.
  13. Doc4

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    I think a Pea Coat tends to look better without a suit underneath it, but that in large part will depend on the cut/fit of the coat. To look good worn on top of a suit, a coat needs to be designed to be worn over top of a suit jacket ... so more room needed in the shoulders for a start.

    I suspect that your Pea Coat is well suited to you wearing it without a suit jacket underneath, otherwise it'd probably feel too big. Look at the first photo ... can't tell for sure, but my guess is the guy does not have a suit jacket on underneath. The second guy obviously does, and while the pea coat isn't done up, it certainly looks baggier on him than the one in the first photo, so enough room for the jacket under the coat. I'll let you think about whether your own pea coat fits you like photo A or B.

    Also, there is the issue of length. It's a short coat. Not only does that leave your legs exposed to the elements so they get colder and wetter than they should, it also runs the risk of being almost as short as ... or even shorter than ... your suit jacket. That is not, IMHO, a good look to go for. Perhaps yours has a slightly longer cut. As long as your coat is at least a bit longer than your suit jacket, it's not too bad (but you still have cold legs.)

    I suggest you have a pea coat for wearing without a suit ... and in a size appropriate to that option ... to look good with jeans and trousers and shirts and other casual wear. And get yourself a dedicated for-suits overcoat: it's sized to fit comfortably over top of your suit jacket, and long enough to protect your legs from getting cold and your suit pants from getting wet. You may like that military nautical look of the pea coat, so look at Photo C ... he's wearing what is called a "bridge coat" (think of what a naval officer would wear over top of his uniform jacket). That could fit your bill.

    If, on the other hand, you are not going to wear your suit(s) often enough to justify a separate overcoat and are hoping your pea coat can do double duty ... it boils down to whether or not the shoulders are roomy enough, and the coat is long enough.

    Good luck!
  14. Thanks for the detailed reply and pictures! My pea coat closely resembles B. It actually is roomy enough for a suit jacket. I have the arms of the coat being shortened right now, but I will take a pic and post it when I get it back.

    I have been snooping online at topcoats. I agree they are dressier. Like anything you get what you pay for. I don't want to spend $1,000 on a nice top coat right now. I'm sure the banana republic etc type don't last very long. Any brands that you like/dislike for this type of clothing?

    Anyways thanks again!
  15. Until last year, I was wearing a very nice merino wool overcoat from Jos. A Bank. The "normal," ridiculously inflated price was around $450. I picked mine up on sale for $99.

    Summer 2015, I found an essentially unworn, high quality, full length, Brooks Bros., grey cashmere overcoat, on eBay. It cost me less than the sales tax on such a garment, purchased new. Overcoats are one of those items - like blazers - which seem to be plentiful on the used market, often selling for pennies on the dollar.
  16. strop

    strop Moderator Emeritus

    The Jos. A Bank coat mentioned above is a great buy on sale at $99. I have one and like it very much. At $450? Pass.
  17. So I ended up caving and bought a Hugo boss top coat that was on sale. There is no denying it is the proper jacket with a suit. Pea coat would work on a casual Friday, but otherwise it will be the top coat over a suit for winter. I will post a pic of both when I get it back from alterations. Thanks for all the replies!

  18. .... says the guy in Baltimore! Haha, this is more a conversation for the guys in Montreal and Winnipeg :)
  19. I lived for several years just outside of Syracuse, NY. My winter weather street cred is solid. As in, frozen solid.

    Although I hate Baltimore's hot, humid summers worse than I do the coldest, snowiest Siberacuse winters.

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