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Sharp DE Blades - Manufacturer: Samah Razor Blades Industries LTD - Bangladesh


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I just want to try and understand the differences between the Sharp DE Blades. Having a name like "Sharp" doesn't help much when half the DE blades made on the market contain the word Sharp in it. I am interested in learning more about these blades since I currently have none in my stack of blades that I want to test.

Just to identify them clearly. I see 4 (there might be more, but those are the ones I see today). There are also more blades made by that manufacturer.

The quick and easy reply will be, that each blade has a different coating. I see that, but what does it do? Why pick one coating over the other? I mean, there must be a specific property for each of these coatings. If I look at the Blue Bird blade, it has 5 different coats:
  • Coating: Chromium-Ceramic-Platinum-Tungsten and Polymer
I know, I can try them and report back. Someone probably tried them already. Since they are made by the same manufacturer, the influence of the coating should have some kind of impact on each blade?

I don't know if they got better over time but I seem to see in threads dating 2015-2017 that it's one of the worst blades ever. In the most recent threads (2024), they seem very good. I know we all have different faces and preferences but going from a general opinion that labels them "the worst" to "one of the sharpest" is pretty good IMO. But... Is that the case?

A few threads that I found on the subject:
I have a few blade reports here: Durablade Razor Blades (Samah Industries, Bangladesh) - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/durablade-razor-blades-samah-industries-bangladesh.651564/

I plan to log more Durablade tests there as time permits. I have tucks of many of them, including the Titanium, Hi Platinum, 7AM Platinum, Champion, Hi Chromium, LOI Titanium, and Clifton Classic.

By the way, the two I have used so far the Titanium and the Hi Platinum hold their own in terms of sharpness. I do not find them as sharp as a Gillette Nacet for example, but they seem sharper than most of the Lords. The Hi Platinum is in the same vicinity as the Treet Platinum, and the Titanium feels sharper than both of them.
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I tried all of these a couple of years ago and added notes about each of them in a "bladeabase". This entry for the Hi Chromium sums up my findings but like you say, we all have different faces.


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I looked at a few of them here:

For me, they are decent cheap blades that would probably work well for folks who like Lord, Treet and these types of blades.

Of the ones I tried, I would say Champion or Hi Platinum were probably the best. I expected a good result from the Hi Titanium (which almost certainly has no titanium in it) but actually preferred the others. However, none of them are particularly sharp - the best of them are still one-and-done blades for me.
There are also the simple Sharp Stainless blades that have not been talked about in this forum for several years, perhaps because they are not easily sold in the Western market
and you want because most users will not like them.

I have a couple of packages of Sharp Stainless and I am doing very well with this blade, not very sharp but gentle even on the most aggressive razors I have tried it with.

Each time it leaves me with a BBS and pleasant feeling in the post shave that I perhaps don't achieve even with other more emblazoned blades.
I am also finding good the Sharp 7 AM ,for me sharp in the average, its sharpness does not reach the sharpness of blades from the house of Lord or Treet,imho.
For me, they are decent cheap blades that would probably work well for folks who like Lord, Treet and these types of blades.

Agreed. They are blades that will not appeal to many however they may appeal to those who already appreciate Treet,Lord that kind of blade.
I bought 100 of the Titanium based on positive reviews on this site. The exotic coating was quite atractive. I found it to be quite a mid blade. I prefer sharper and smoother blades though. Even Nacet and Permasharps a little below my level of preference.
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