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OK Guys/Gals, what are the 3 best brushes witihin reach for budget households?

Semogue (any really depending on your preference) I'm partial to the 2000

WD (once again to your liking)

B&B Essential Boar

I don't think you can go wrong with any of those.

DO NOT get a tweezerman.
Semogue 1305
Omega 10049
B&B Essential

Must have a badger?
Simpson Colonel

All (except the Simpson) $20 or less, all proven performers with huge fan clubs.
Semogue 1305/Omega Pro 49/a restored ER brush with a 20mm finest badger extra hair knot from the TGN
these work well for me

I agree enthusiastically. The Semogue and Omega lather any soap quickly, almost effortlessly. They feel as luxurious on the face as anything I've used after breaking in. I haven't tried a TGN finest knot but I'm very eager to.
If you're willing to try a boar brush, they will always be less expensive than badger. I'm still using my VDH boar that comes in the deluxe kit with a bowl and soap for $20. Available at Rite-Aid, CVS and Walmart. I don't own one but know that the Omega Boar is highly regarded. Boar does require a break-in period but becomes very soft after that.
SOC bristle - it is a true multi tool of a brush, it is the workhorse of my stable
Vintage ever-ready reknotted with TGN 2-band. Everyone needs to restore a vintage brush and give it a phenomenal knot
Semogue barbear mistura (they are talking about a reissue) - a best of both worlds brush


Rest in Peace
I currently use 3
1. Omega 31064, boar, about $22
2. Very old Burma Shave, boar. On mine the ends have split nicely
3. Simpson Wee Scot, best badger, about $40 plus shipping. More than adequate for multiple passes, see Youtube video.
I'm considering a Semogue 830 to replace the Burma Shave.
simpson special in best for face lathering sticks- about $40.00
Omega 48 for soaps, face or bowl lather - about $15.00
Rooney 3/1 for creams, face or bowl lather- about $90.00

I'm not sure what "budget" means, but the 3 above can be had for about
$150.00 total, which seems "budget to me" (since alot of nice brushes are $150+ by themselves) and with these 3 you would probably have all you need (but we will all buy more anyway won't we:biggrin1:)
Rooney 2XL
Going on brushes I've actually used I would say just about any Semogue boar, Vulfix 2233S, or am Omega boar. Another might be the HJM black fibre, I haven't used one, but the Muhle black fibre I have I believe has the same knot or similar knot so at $35 it would be an excellent choice.
I guess any $10-15 Semogue or Omega boar brush will get the job done well so that would be the best budget option since anything more would be considered excess.
Kind of an unfair question. Boar, boar, and close to boar. :laugh:

1) Semogue boar. Take your pick. I like the SOC in cherry.
2) Omega boar. Take your pick. I like the B&B Essentials.
3) Whipped Dog silvertip by report. On my wish list (with a custom handle, of course!).

For really cheap (< $10), still a Semogue or Omega boar.
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