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Maseto brush : what to expect ?

I received the Maseto today. I bought the silvertip 3-band 266mm but it measures 28mm. Good point ^^
The brush is beautiful ! I haven't tried it yet but that is a high end product for sure. The handle is gorgeous too and the hair seem so soft !!



I ordered the 26mm Manchurian with the avitar handle on December 27. It finally cleared Chinese customs today and should be arriving in the next couple weeks. Fingers crossed


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Two of the same model of Simpson brush can have as much as +/- 5mm difference in lofts

if the hairs themselves are a standard length, then the variance must be cause by the thickness of the glue layer - or have I got that wrong?

This is purely speculative, and just my opinion as a customer. They are hand tied, and setting knot length isn't a particularly precise job, I don't think. I also think they make a judgement call on the knot length due to hair variations. The nominal size being set on what they expect the hair to feel like, but they may increase/reduce the loft if a specific batch of hair feels stiffer or floppier than expected.

For example, I have a Vulfix 2190 in super badger which is set very low, but still a floppy-ish knot when loaded (a fantastic brush for using with shave sticks though). I think if it was set at the correct height with that hair, it may have been near unusable on cakes of hard soap.
Here is a picture with the Maseto and the Chubby 2 best badger. The maseto is a tad bigger and it's like a cloud on the face. Definitively a high-end brush, as good as my chubbies and my THater, for much cheaper. I am really impressed.

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