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A 30s Era Gillette New Long Comb: I Might Not Be a Slant Guy but Maybe a Comb Guy

Kit Used
  • Exfoliating Glove
  • Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap
  • PAA Cube 2.0 Pre-Shave (non-menthol)
  • PAA Cane Shave Soap (Huh…I honestly forgot I used this for the PAA Filament Review!)
  • PAA Doppler Shave Brush
  • PAA Intergalactic Shave Scuttle
  • 30s Era Gillette New Long Comb: first use
  • Wizamet Super Iridium DE Blade
  • PAA Alum w/dock
  • My own blended beard oil
  • Pura d’or 20% Vitamin C Serum
  • Derma-E Ultra Hydrating Advanced Repair Night Cream

If you’re curious about my typical prep, you can read it here:

A Noob’s First Experience with Open Comb and Slant Razors: A Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements’ Filament - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/a-noobs-first-experience-with-open-comb-and-slant-razors-a-phoenix-artisan-accoutrements-filament.648432/.)


In hand the Gillette New Long Comb razor is decidedly head-heavy just about every place you hold it, except when you choke up on the grip just below the head/handle attachment point: something I tend to do. I wouldn’t call the handle fat, though it is billed as such. Its thickness (.43 inches/11mm) allows for nice purchase and does not feel dainty: I’ve got chunky monkey hands. The knurling contributes well to a secure grip, even with damp/wet hands but is far from what I’d call aggressive. It is certainly not a long handle: measuring 3 inches/75mm. I think for me this is a perfect length for how I handle a razor. I can get close and maintain a good deal of control allowing the razor to do the work, adjusting the weight of the head by where the handle is gripped.

The Gillette New Long Comb razor has very nice heft and feels solid. As mentioned its balance point is right at the base of the pinch point (the sculpted non-knurled curved place that screws onto the head cap post.) It is a rather lovely aged brass color. (See the pics.) All in all it is an old used razor that looks to be in really excellent condition otherwise. Ah, there is no damage I can see to the handle. Many of this age have cracks that run longitudinally along the handle at the screw/attachment point.


Can you hear the angelic choir’s sustain? Okay, not exactly that good, but for me the combination of the Gillette New Long Comb paired with a Wizamet Super Iridium blade made my 4 day growth disappear with great ease and relative comfort, especially while shaving my super sensitive neck. This was also facilitated with the use of a generously applied and worked layer of PAA’s Cube 2.0 pre-save under a really creamy, marshmallow whipped top layer of PAA’s CK6 formula Cane shave soap. I apply both to the areas I’m shaving and then moisten and reapply when I get to that area.

I was quite surprised to find the razor as mild as it is, while also being clearly more efficient than my Gillette Tech. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised by these differences between a solid bar and open comb from the same stable. However, still being novice to the open comb variety, I am quite pleased with the revelation…

(Upon visual inspection and comparison between a loaded Tech and the New Long Comb revealed nearly identical blade exposure and gap, with the NLC appearing perhaps slightly more open. I will concede this could simply be perceptual differences/an illusion caused by the structural differences in the open comb vs solid bar design. I did not experience blade chatter: it all felt very secure.)

…If I weren’t so dogged about pursuing BBS (no chiding please) I could have stopped with two passes of my neck (XTG – WTG). The third pass, ATG, was the smoothest such pass of any shave I’ve ever had for my neck, though it did still leave behind a few weepers.

My cheeks are the least sensitive area I shave and these cleared to BBS with great ease after only two passes (WTG – ATG).

My head? I didn’t go there with this single bladed razor. I left my dome for my Leaf and do not anticipate using a DE again for my head simply because I don’t enjoy the shave or the result: it is simply not comfortable.


As mentioned, while my neck yielded some weepers, these were no more than usual and the post-shave alum treatment was more than a tad tingly per usual. My cheeks had almost zero tingle.

Last Thoughts

Having a bit of an adventurous spirit with this necessity, luxury, indulgence we call wet shaving, I’m really pleased with my near $32 investment in this antique 30s era Gillette New Long Comb. Do not read this as a lament. Outside of finding this razor at a garage sale for a couple of bucks, I think I’ve gotten a bit of a bargain on this ebay score given its fine condition. I’m really happy to have it in my functional and very, very, very modest array of kit. In fact, I’m so pleased I will be looking for a second. I live in the mindset of one is none, two is one and three is what you need. I’m not going to have three of these but two is very doable and desirable for my situation.

If you’ve used the same or similar razor, please share your experiences/thoughts: would enjoy reading what you have to share and/or recommend.
Forgot the photos...

The Tech is more or less a development of the New with solid bar and more economical manufacturing process. Many of the same design principles are used, though.

If you want a second New, then you might want to try the New Short Comb. I have one that's replated in nickel and looks brand new. Pretty good trick for a 1930s razor. Shaving performance is wonderful, IMHO.
@NorthernSoul Thanks for the feedback. I just saw a short comb today and will ponder this for sure. I'm assuming you've used both? If so, are the teeth on the short comb gentle enough or are they more aggressive in feel than the long. I found the long comb to be really pleasant overall.
@NorthernSoul Thanks for the feedback. I just saw a short comb today and will ponder this for sure. I'm assuming you've used both? If so, are the teeth on the short comb gentle enough or are they more aggressive in feel than the long. I found the long comb to be really pleasant overall.

I think the SC is very comfortable. It supports the blade a little closer to the edge than the LC, and the teeth are less likely to get bent, so overall I like it a little bit more.

As you can see, the teeth are rounded, so though the razor may shave a little closer than the LC, it's still pretty comfy.

@NorthernSoul Per your suggestion to score a new short comb: I did on ebay. About the same price as the new long comb. Got it today, soaked it a bit in Barbercide and had a shave (about a week's growth.)

I loaded the razor with a new and new for me as well, Vokshod. Not necessarily my favorite blade, however it produced perhaps the most comfortable neck shave I've ever had and that is saying a huge amount. If I were to add these to my kit box, I know that my prep would be extremely important as would the shave soap/cream need to be spot on for the right cushion. I used a CK6 formula variant.

Overall the razor handled very well. I honestly thought the shorter comb structure would leave me with more weepers but this particular blade/razor combo worked really well as I noted.

Mine's not as shiny as yours and it appears the seller took some sort of abrasive to it to clean it up: evidences by a somewhat dullish brass color and scratch lines in the metal. I have the necessary kit to polish the head and potentially lift the color/finish of the knurling. I can see one spot (neck of the handle and the head) that appears to have a bit of laquer I think for the original finish. Not displeased, simply sharing.

I'm keen to try it again with the Wizamet Super Iridium I have loaded in the NLC and will try it with my next shave.

I'm most grateful for the suggestion/encouragement and very happy to have it.

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