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October 2021 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

Prep : warm shower
Pre shave : Proraso green
Brush : Proraso boar by Omega
Cream : Proraso Shaving Soap Sensitive Skin Jar
Razor : Gilette Travel Tech S1
Blade : Voshkod (4)
Post : alum block , Nivea cooling balm

Another evening shave. First time using this razor that I bought back in February if memory serve me well … dang that handle is too short, back to the Merkur 34 C next week
Still in.

My last 2 shaves were pretty much the same.

Preshave: Lush Kalamazoo face wash, Proraso Blue preshave
Razor: RR BBS standard SB
Blade: Bic Chromium
Brush: Omega 49 pro
Soap: Friday Barrister and Mann Oceana, Saturday Henri et Victoria Nautilus
Aftershave: Alum, Proraso Blue balm

Low irration shaves, and I am getting better on my neck! I am going to take today off and shake it up a little tomorrow!
Still in.

I shaved right after a bath and got good results.

I'm 're-learning' to load the brush because my understanding of what is enough is still evolving.

Using the Big Beds every once in a while reminds me to load my routine brushes heavy.

Game Changer 84 Open Comb
Gillette Nacet (12th and binned)
Stirling Duke
Zenith Manchurian
Witch Hazel
Still in
This evenings shave
Pre-Shave: Warm face wash
Brush: Omega S-Brush
Razo:Merkur Mergress (1.5)
Blade: Astra SP (1)
Soap: D R Harris Windsor
Post:Shave: Alum block
D R Harris Windsor AS splash
Nivea Protect & Care ASB
T&H Apsley Cologne

Took my time whipping up the lather this evening and I was rewarded with the best latherfrom this soap so far. Thick, dense, creamy and slick. The Mergress performed flawlessly with the Astra SP. No nicks or weepers involved in obtaining a BBS shave.
Just past the midway point now so nearly there.
Stay safe all 😎😎😎😎
Still in, this morning another Tabactober shave.


4th use of this Kai stainless steel blade and due to harsh shaves spent this mornig especialy attention to technique: no pressure, short strokes, etc..
Yet another close but uncomfortable shave with again some bloody dots. conclusion: this combo of blade with the FOCS is nothing for me, Gillette platinum, rapira platinum lux and sputnik teflon cooated work way better.

Since Tabac soap makes every thing slippery I changed the original handle and used one of my Gillette old style clone. Treading fits and closes tight. This handle works way better for me.
I've got my first tube of Proraso Red in the shave den after years of only using green. I'll use and love it eventually but the call of the TOBS Sandalwood is just too strong.
Haha I know exactly what you mean. After first trying AoS Sandalwood, I really thought that the smell of Proraso wasn't all that great but I've finally been able to appreciate it for what it is. Or I just haven't smelled AoS in a very long time.
Still in

Pre-Shave: hot water splash
Lather: Proraso Green
Brush: Simpsons Classic C1 Synthetic
Razor: Merkur 34c hd
Blade: Wilkinson sword classic (1)
Post-shave: Cold water and Geo F Trumper Ecuris Skin Food

I popped in to the gym before work, so it's time to use the shave supplies that are I keep in the locker room. I had forgotten that I have almost half a tube of Proraso Green left. Looks like the tube or red now has even longer to wait.
Still in.

No shave today, agreed on the month whipping by quickly:

Still in,

Prep : warm shower / Bulldog original face wash
Pre shave : Proraso Sensitive skin green
Brush : Proraso boar by Omega
Cream : Proraso Shaving Soap Sensitive Skin Jar
Razor : Merkur 34 C
Blade : Voshkod (5)
Post : alum block ,Nivea cooling effects , Gold bond powder

back to basic, nice simple shave, the alum block broke on me on Saturday … gonna be a pain to finish the month without it, I guess I just got a new to me steptic home made pencil.
Still in!

I had planned on taking yesterday off, but after a chaotic day, I took some time for myself and shaved before bed.

Preshave: Shower Lush kalamazoo face wash, proraso green
Razor: Muhle R89 twist
Blade: Voskhod (5) time for the bin
Brush: Vielong Horse Hair 12075
Soap: Proraso Green Tub
Post: Alum, Proraso refreshing balm.

Looking above, @La Malice I am not copying you! lol

The shave with the Muhle R89 was comfortable but not as close as I have been getting with my RR BBS.
Still in,
I'm finally back stateside and I was happy to have my at home kit available again. I didn't buy a single omega boar brush or travel tube of proraso in Italy, despite both being in every single corner shop for a couple euro each.

Today my shave was a battle of the giants. These are the most efficient razors in my collection, and this was the final of some razor testing I'd been doing regarding efficiency over the last while. I'm surprised to say that these razors are essentially identical in efficiency. Also fwiw, the HA plate would blow both of these out of the water I didn't consider it because I haven't yet figured out how to use it daily.

Shake Sharp mkI vs. Stirling Stainless Razor
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