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    I've been going on a little over 3 weeks on the full beard. My plan is to not trim the stache and pull it out to the side to approach a HB type stache, but I'm not sure I'll ever curl the ends or not. I'm just about to the point where the hair will go past my lip, so I purchased some Fire House wax today and we'll see how it goes...
  1. it is going to take a while, but it is best if you and not trim over you lip and get it to go all the way out to the sides. when it is a bit longer the got-2be glued is also a handy tool to hold it in the right directions. and got-2be glued is very cheap for a strong hold.
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    You are just starting the most difficult stage. It starts to grow down over your lip and can be very annoying, but won't quite stay out of the way even with wax. You hair looks to be a bit wiry, so won't train easily until it gets a little longer. Whatever you do, though, resist the urge to trim at all costs.
  3. Yes, it is a little wiry. Not sure it will ever look good, but I'm going to give it a shot and see.
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    It will work, but will just need to be longer in order to train.
  5. here is how mine is going now. i am not sure if this would be called wiry, but it is kind of hard to tame. i think it would be a lot easier if it all grew straighter.

    Before wax
    After wax
    i used clubman neutral wax today
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    Not much different than mine. I've discovered that the longer the center hairs get, the easier they are to control. I often use Clubman on the tips, but I find the more solid waxes that have to be warmed work better on the center 2/3.
  7. Impressive. I'm not sure I can handle growing mine that long. I just think it will bother me one day and I'll trim it down before I think about it. We'll see...
  8. Oh it is a challenge, but it gets easier. In general I can comb it and it keeps the basic shape. I always need a napkin when drinking beer, because I still can't bring myself to drink it through a straw. I also always have was in my pocket so I can take it when I go out to eat.

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  9. I tried to grow one once. I didn't like the constant upkeep and let it get very... unkempt. I got rid of it when I realized I'd look better without that mess on my face. Complete respect to you guys who grow the handlebar 'staches, but they're a pain.
  10. Well, that'll make my daily shave marginally easier. I've been going bout 1/4" higher, ATG.
    I'll put a stop to that tout de suite. $2chw5mg.gif
  11. Here we go.


    This is with some Clubman Neutral wax.
    I think it's a good start.
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  12. Mine is three months is a good length now. I can tame it with Badgers mustache wax. I generally don't go for the tight pin curls at the ends...I prefer more of a general sweep upwards. A few things I have noticed: first, a handlebar takes a lot of work to maintain it well, it's messy when eating...always need extra napkins, and I am surprised how many people comment on it when I am out in public. It seems to be a great conversation piece.

    A couple of weeks ago I was getting tired of the extra maintenance and had decided I was going to cut it back that evening after work. I got on the elevator at work and a lovely young lady commented to me how nice my mustache looked. I said, "Thank you. You are very kind". I decided to keep it for a while longer...

  13. I didn't know mine was this long, just discovered I could shape it this way over the weekend!
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    I carry a Wisker Dam everywhere I go.


    Really helps protect your stache and prevent drips.


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    MMMmm the ugly Oyster!
  17. I am not yet in the handlebar moustache club, but some day! However, this was a truly excellent thread to stumble upon! @Thu'umhammer - your tips and tricks are excellent! :a14:
  18. i just got one and it works well,
    i am using it here with my other hobby, my beer and whisker dam with some of my soviet watch collection
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    Very cool!


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