My Handlebar Moustache Guide

Discussion in 'Beards & Moustaches' started by Thu'umhammer, Jul 16, 2014.

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    Looks like a great foundation, just a little more time and it will be magnificent!
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    You are off to a great start! Time and patience are your allies. Scissors your enemy!
  3. I finally figured out the trick to getting English style handlebars, when using göt2b glued spiking glue.
    This is my first attempt after having gotten the idea. It could still be a little bit straighter, but it's the best result so far.

    Only do one side at a time.
    Apply product to left side only and comb it through.
    Shape it and hold the point straight out at the tip with left hand.
    Blow dry with a hair dryer in the right hand. It doesn't take long.
    Wash and dry hands.
    Repeat for right side, using right hand to apply product, comb, shape, and hold tip in place.

    On previous efforts with product applied to both sides, one side would curl up or fan out while I was shaping the other side.

    The only tricky bit is the centre part under your nose. You don't want hairs wandering across to the wrong side.
  4. Looking good!

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