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    Thanks for that write-up!

    But tell me -- what is a round brush? Round like a rolling pin, or round like a fifty-cent-piece???
  1. something like this

    i am not sure, but i prefer boar bristles in the bush. if it is good enough for my shaving brush, then figure it is good for by mustache styling brush.

    they come in all sizes, mine it 1.5 inch diameter measured from the tips of the bristles. mine makes a tighter curl because it wraps around the center part.
  2. I use a homebrew wax of beeswax and coconut oil, and the best thing I've found to get it off my fingers is a hand sanitizer gel with alcohol, like Purell or a generic equivalent.
    Much easier on the skin than dish soap too.
  3. I got one of these Kent 87T folding mustache combs.
    It keeps wax from getting on other pocket contents, and when folded it fits easily in the watch pocket of blue jeans.
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    Ah, yes. As mentioned, the WD works well on glass but you would have to find a thin cup with the right lip to for it to work. Vintage mustache cups are the way to go (such cups also keep the heat of the beverage from softening the wax keeping you stache neat.)

    In addition to what has been said; I use a hairdryer to soften the wax (Firehouse, Lockhart's, etc.), apply to my stache, give it some heat from the hairdryer, then comb to distribute the wax, and shape. That gives me enough hold to give shape and keep it out of my mouth. When waxing for a handlebar, I mostly wax the lower ends and the curl.

  5. I've been using the hair dryer on my moustache along with shaping it with my fingers. Never used a blow dryer before! Not even for the hair on top! It's working well. I was surprised.

    Thanks, all!
  6. Here's my latest "how's it going" picture.

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    upper lips everywhere are envious.
  8. that is an excellent face spanner:thumbup1:
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  10. Thanks y'all.
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    My first thought when I saw him was "I wonder what kind of wax he uses?!"
  12. Hi All,

    I am going to have a crack at this too.
    I have tried a beard before but my facial hair refused to play the game.
    I could get the goatee look down but the full beard never really came in. Patchy would be the best I could say.

    However I can grow a mustache.

    So far I am 4 weeks in.

    My plan is no trimming AT ALL for 3 months.
    I have some proraso wax for shaping in the early stages.

    I am facing resistance from my better half but will push through.

    Wish me luck!
  13. troy

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    Good Luck!
    Keep us posted. :thumbup1:
  14. Good luck!
  15. I had to shave mine off. I have trigeminal neuralgia and the main trigger point is on the right side of my nose. It got to where I would get an occasional rogue hair flop around and hit that trigger point, causing incredibly excruciating pain, so after a couple of months I gave up and shaved it. :-(
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    Good luck! And welcome to the club!

    Depending on the characteristics of your hair, the Proraso may not have the hold you need. Something with more wax will have a stronger hold. There are many brands out there, but I have had good luck with Firehouse.

    When you do get out the scissors, limit it to the very ends, and no more than 1/8 inch at a time, just to even things up a bit.
  17. Oh Jeez, sorry to hear that Clovis, I think intense pain would make me rethink my mo'!

    Hi Strop,

    I think you might be right on the strength of the proraso, but at this stage I will work with it as it is mainly to keep hair from annoying me rather than any real shaping.

    And to everyone else, thanks for your good wishes!
  18. Ok, early days yet.
    But I am on my way!

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