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Muhle Rocca Version 4

Having now used the Rocca V4 for several weeks, I find the razor smooth and efficient, definitely much smoother than my previous V3 Rocca's. With the switch to full CNC machining for the top cap and base plate, it appears V4 of the Rocca has finally solved the problem of poor manufacturing tolerances, that so many users experienced with V1, V2 and V3, MIM (Metal Injection Molding) Rocca's - not before time. I always liked the Rocca's balance, well judged weight, voice and tactile feel of the birch-bark handle and am now delighted with the quality of the shave.

The main differences between each version of the Rocca appears to be:

V1 = MIM (Metal Injection Molding) top cap and base plate.

V2 = MIM top cap and MIM base plate (MIM circular flow marks polished off the underside of the top cap) blade posts and centre post are glued / welded onto the top cap rather than a complete MIM mold, as V1.

V3 = MIM top cap (complete mold with visible MIM circular flow marks on underside of top cap; no glued / welded centre post or blade posts) with CNC machined 316L stainless steel base plate. Base plate re-designed - now with narrow centre channel.

V4 = CNC machined 316L stainless steel top cap and CNC machined 316L stainless steel base plate. (I am assuming "CNC machined top cap" includes the centre post and blade posts in the machining; but I do wonder if my assumption is correct after the surprise at how V2 heads were manufactured).

Muhle have finally got it right with the V4 Rocca, it is now a great upper medium efficient shaver.
good update, ever since my R89 fell and the screw broke off the cap head, I have not had a desire to replace it, and the handle didn't have the great grip either, but I would not hesitate to try this razor /version.
Thanks for the detailed description of the difference between versions 1 through 4. I have a V3 that is my most efficient (and maybe my favorite) DE razor. Your write-up is tempting me to contact Muhle to see if they would exchange my V3 top plate for a V4. I'm sure that there would be a cost, but it is tempting me, even though I am perfectly happy with the V3.
How can you make sure you get a V4 and not old stock? Buy through Muhle's site?
The version 3 top cap has the small circular indentations or MIM flow marks; the version 4 top cap has no such marks. The R94 stainless Rocca is a new handle so has only been produced in version 4. For the other handle versions, best to check with vendor which version it is or order direct from Muhle. 61CCE4AF-BA07-4EEB-A80D-BAC6D39E3A67.jpeg
I have V1 and don't have any problems with it. Very enjoyable razor.
What problems people experienced?
...problems with (1) visible gap between bottom plate rails and top cap, resulting in a rough shaver for some (2) welds failing on the centre post and blade posts - version 2 (3) female thread on handles not centred (4) warped base plates. Other QC problems also reported, all well documented on UK forums.
I broke down and bought a V3 R96 from Connaught a couple of weeks before V4 was announced, and got the following head. No circular MIM marks on the cap, but there is an hourglass-shaped relief around the center post. Wonder if it’s a transition model? It locks up perfectly with zero play and shaves extremely nicely, though I still prefer my R41 (wish they made it in stainless).

Is it just me or does the "honeycomb" part of the handle look darker than the rest of the razor? Is that part still made out of brass or are just Mühle's product photos not doing it justice?
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