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    You have good taste in shaving and photography. :a50:
  1. Thanks pal

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  2. Those are some beautiful razors. When I first saw the PBs I didn't like them, but the looks have grown on me.

    Ok I switched it up today. I was going to use my Gem Jr. Bar. But seeing as @Flintstone65 almost got himself beheaded for misidentification of my MMBT, I used it and my Gillette old type OC. It was almost my Head Gets Loose While Shaving today though. Or rather the TTO knob on the MMBT while doing buffing on my neck. Luckily I just felt a bit of odd scraping, but arose unscathed.
    Gillette took care of the back of the neck with no drama.
    Noxzema and Hot towel pre shave
    Gem MMBT Gem PTFE 3rd flip.
    Gillette with Iridium super 2nd use.
    Sterling Bay rum And Lubriderm
    Omega boar
    Witch hazel splash and Proraso cream aftershave.
    Overall a very close comfortable shave.

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  3. The PB's tip is such that it provides and nice little notch when performing ATG passes.
  4. Not sure I understand. Do you mean the end of the handle is a nice shape for holding when doing ATG? Or something about the shape of the head?
  5. Had a busy day and forgot to write that I had a smooth shave with the MMBT and a GEM PFTE blade which was flipped for the fifth time now.
  6. All good mate I understood you, thanks! The twins are definitely worth a look :)
  7. Tip of handle is wider than the rest of the handle making a sort of hook
  8. I’m glad you both like the open comb Dammy. I like the closed comb just fine, but I feel like GEM didn’t improve the OC Dammy with the closed comb version or the 1912s (IMO, of course). This is one of those somewhat rare (and thus often highly priced) razors that I’m glad I hunted down. It took me a while, but I got a reasonably priced one (at least to me) and I’ve been super happy with this razor. We’re it more prevalent (like the MMOC), I think it would be a “standard” must have acquisition (like the MMOC).
    IMG_1592 (1).jpg
  9. Ron R

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    One interesting characteristic about the Damaskeene OC to the My Gem 1912 closed comb is the blade gap.
    My Dammy OC has about .017 thousands(.44mm) of a inch blade gap as comparing my Gem 1912 is about .023 thousands(.58mm) blade gap, they wanted the 1912 to be a little more aggressive IMO.
    So my rule of thumb when you increase gap you can lose some smoothness and sometimes that is OK to improve blade feel or aggression because there are a lot of folks that like some blade feel. They tried to hit a bigger group of folks for tactical sales and give people what they wanted in the 1912 models.
    The Damaskeene OC is a very excellent razor and a great daily driver, you can get spectacular results with a 3 pass shave if people are curious as you already know Fred. My Regular routine 1st pass WTG, 2nd pass ATG with a 3rd clean up pass and it's in the sweet spot for myself CCS,DFS,BBS.:001_smile
  10. So I’ve changed my shave lineup for this week. It’s going to be alternating two different Ever Ready Lather Catchers. Someone I know on another forum has posited that a patent published on April 16, 1907, is one that pertains to the ER Lather Catchers. I will confess that I have a hard time tying that patent to those razors, but I also find patent data simultaneously interesting and mind-numbingly boring. So I’m happy to believe those who put the interpretive thought work into it. Plus these are two Lather Catchers that I haven’t tried yet. They appear similar to the Gem Jr Bar (without the Bar). One has a metal handle which disassembles and stores a blade holder for stropping (although I haven’t gotten mine to unscrew yet), and the other came with an Ebonoid handle. I'm going to take advantage of Ever-Ready's 1st cousin lineage to GEM to showcase the two ER Lather Catchers below, but this really is a GEM thread, so I won't take up too much space. If I don't get too lazy, I'll create an ER Lather Catcher thread to really wax-eloquent on how the shaves go.
    IMG_1693.jpg IMG_1695.JPG IMG_1691.jpg IMG_1694.jpg
  11. Very interesting, thanks Ron!!!
  12. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    Some users say the Everready lather cathers are a little more aggressive than the GEM Junior Bar lather catcher? Let us know what your opinion is on what lather catcher is more aggressive.
    Those are some nice looking ER lather catchers you have in your possession!
    Have some great shaves!
  13. I see what you are saying, thank you for the clarification. The it's funny how several months ago I couldn't stand the looks of the PB and now it's one I look forward to getting. But it will be a while unless I find one in the wild. There are 2 razors I really want first.

    Please let us know when you start the ER thread Incase we miss it. I have an ER lather catcher but I need to repair one of the blade stops.
  14. SOTD GeMonday - 4/15 G-bar rush job on tax day

    Hot water splash for prep
    1 Gem G-bar
    2 GEM (7?)
    3 Semogue 1470
    4 Ogallala Bay Rum, Sage and Cedar stick

    All it takes:

    Had a 6:30am meet up; so prep, face lather, single pass ATG for a close, comfortable shave in 5 minutes. Nice job, G-Bar!!
  15. Love this mid '50's GEM. Congrats on the result. :)
  16. For my Monday night shave, I tried a double. Started with the MMOC, shaving WTG. I'm definitely still trying to find the angle. At times, the blade is silent, yet lather is loaded with stubble. Then, coming around a curve, I feel a lot of harshness from the blade.

    I did my second and final pass ATG with my Rockwell 6c on plate 3. The result was exactly as I expected and very smooth. I'll be running this setup for a while.

    The MMOC is such a beautiful, well designed razor. The TTO mechanism is much better than any that I've seen. I want to be able to use it more, but so far I haven't found the sweet spot.
  17. @GAW9576 , I think the PB is worth having, but there are other
    Daily double is getting popular. Thanks for joining and for getting the shave you like. :a14:
  18. The PB is a good quality razor and I’m sure back in 1958 it was an anomaly among Gillette’s color coded Super Speeds.
  19. MMOC (scarce late production gold with bumps). The perfect shaving implement. IMG_20190416_092530-01.jpg

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