Micromatic Monday

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    251973F7-0AE3-47F7-B050-149BD8F47B31.jpeg Anyone care to join me tomorrow?
  1. Brother Twelve,

    I would, but I'm already testing a German Apollo razor, and I'm locked and loaded, pumped up and ready for tomorrow morning. Thanx for the invite. Perhaps next Monday. Let us know how your shave goes. I have tough whiskers and I love the Gem MMOC!
  2. Well, I am very pleased I chose to try these old GEM razors. I was disappointed this AM although shaving ATG under the nose drew blood.

    I've got the angle working so that the shave is smooth with no audibles, but if feel this razor cutting hair noticeably. Thanks to all who educated me on these razors.
  3. Shaving under the nose is the biggest challenge with a SE razor (that is not an injector). Go sideways or go slightly downward at a 45 degree angle. Go lightly. Go gentle. And focus. Under the nose is not the place to rush. Save that area for last and maybe have the lather thicker for some cushion. Experiment. Let us know how it goes.
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    really like the micromatic clog pruf, but don't shave beneath my nose at all (and haven't for about 30 years).
  5. I’ll try your advice.:a14:
  6. Had a thought about the Micromatic, it about the most blade exposure of anything I have or it looks that way. If I used it everyday I would probably get to know it better. I cannot believe I waited so long to try the ancient GEM types. These are definitely a step up in performance.
  7. "Shaving under the nose is the biggest challenge with a SE razor"

    GEMs are my easiest for under the nose. Just do a
    1)"with the grain pass"
    and then a
    2)"against the grain pass"
    no others are needed
  8. I'm 5 weeks into the MMOC as daily driver. That little divot right under the nose is a little tricky but otherwise I find it a breeze to use for both beard and head shaves.
  9. I can't even imagine doing an ATG pass on my upper lip with my tough whiskers!
  10. Love the MMOC on the head shave! The wider AC blade doesn't benefit my dome on the curves, so the MMOC is a favorite, but I have been using the SE1 for face and head shaves.
  11. Light touch and shallow angle, many strokes, I get it smooth... Works great ATG...
  12. It was the ATX that got me near the nostrils. I should just to use the Golden 500 for that area.
  13. Okay all, Micromatic Monday is coming soon. Consider joining me for a classic ‘30’s shave. :a14:
  14. "I can't even imagine doing an ATG pass on my upper lip with my tough whiskers!"

    I don't consider any shave complete without a ATG pass (upper lip or anywhere else), regardless of the razor or format.
  15. 7C5C9D79-1E08-4459-85DE-9D5FBC2501AD.jpeg MM Monday was a huge success:)
  16. Micromatic Monday approaches. Are you in?
  17. Another good shave from this classic razor.

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  18. Micromatic vs 3 day growth. Yes!!!![​IMG]

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  19. Thank you for joining me for Micromatic Monday.

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