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GEM Micromatic Blu Tip... ?

Good day, gentlemen!

I just bought an unknown razor for me. It's a Gem Micromatic Flying Wing (with guiding eye), with a... blue tip!
The "guiding eye" feature (from all I know) was used only in 1947 production. I got two razors from that period: one gold plated, the other chromium plated. Both with metal twisting knobs.
The plastic knob (faux ivory) was introduced in early 1950s and those razors don't have a guiding eye, anymore.

This weird one, has a guiding eye and a plastic tip. And it's not faux ivory, but blue.

Does anyone know the production date for the blue tip? Does the colour have any meaning? (Like mild razor, for Gillette blue tip)

Thank you for your time and help, gentlemen.

Have a great evening!


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