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Aaron Scissorhands
I'm gassing up the helicopter right now to head over to your place. Couple storms between here and there so keep it warm.
Blue sky's here but windy. Bring Beer...wait this the Keto thread. I'll restate that in another thread.
Our son drove in for a long visit so Sunday morning breakfast was on me, looked thru some recipes for something simple and healthy so went with BLT Avocado Toast Crunch

Experimenting with fat loading, let the games begin!


And Vital Farms has the most delicious, creamy eggs I've ever had off the store shelf. I can't buy farm fresh anymore, but these are close. Fried in butter with runny yolks, sea salt, pepper, Trader Joe's Green Dragon Sauce.

Grassfed beef patties with Kerrygold grass fed Dubliner cheese, two pasture raised eggs cooked in butter, mushrooms. I picked up Vital Farms butter today, going to crack it open when the kerrygold runs out. Cottage cheese and a handful of frozen berries, too.

I did keto back in 2018 and lost 50 pounds. It's a great diet! Also tracked my calories and macros using lose it. I lost 20 pounds sitting on my butt for a month doing intermittent fasting and counting calories. Loved being able to cook everything in olive oil and butter. Chicken thighs for days was my crutch. Lot of great options even though it was hard to cut carbs. I gained 20 pounds back but have been able to maintain it. I'm 6'2 and weigh 198 lbs. Plan on attempting to lose weight again. Great work everyone that's been able to stick with it! It's not easy but it's so rewarding.


You guys are killing me. Went looking for rib eyes on the weekend, couldn’t find anything but thin T bones.


I Leave The Toilet Seat Up.
Crazy ain’t it?
I get sad when I visit the meat section of local stores.
When I was young my father told me about he, his father, and grandfather crossing (swimming) the river into Mexico to buy Coffee, Sugar, and beans during the war. I don’t remember if he included rice.
It blew my mind.
I could not imagine any food being limited in our country.
It blows my mind today when I go to the store and see empty shelves and signs limiting purchases to one of each product.
And worst of all are people fighting over a bag of pasta or some other insignificant item.
My wife and I have been making sure our parents have everything they need during this time so they don’t have to get out.
It’s about 140 miles round trip.

I have been giving serious thought to going to the ranch and harvesting a young hog and a young Axis Deer. I don’t think the State would make an issue of my harvesting a whitetail to feed my family but I would rather harvest an exotic for now.


I'm calling the U.N.
Moderator Emeritus
And worst of all are people fighting over a bag of pasta or some other insignificant item.
Even worse when there are lots of other food items available! Fighting over the last bag of pasta ... when there's a giant stack of potatoes going ignored. Stuff like that. We aren't at risk of starving to death, we're at risk of having to eat our second choice. Or, heaven forfend, our third or even fourth choice!

At least most of the high-demand items are also non-keto items.