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Jack in the Box's first new burger in 8 yrs sold out so fast you can't find it anywhere!

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Since I last highlighted Mickey 'D's Double Big Mac...this weeks highlight focuses on Jack in the Box's 'Smashed Jack' Burger. :drool:

By Nancy Luna and Anneta Konstantinides - Business Insider - 18 Jan 24
"Jack in the Box's first new burger in 8 years sold out so fast you can't find it anywhere right now". (say what! :a47:)

"Jack in the Box wants the Smashed Jack to be the "best burger" in the fast-food industry.

It's off to a great start.

Two weeks after launching, the Smashed Jack has become a fast-food unicorn. It's nearly impossible to find as the chain ran out of supplies to make the specialized burger, which customers couldn't get enough of.

Introducing the Smashed Jack: a ¼-pound smashed-style beef patty made with seasoned 100% beef, topped with lots of grilled onions, thick pickles, two slices of cheese and a new Thousand Island-inspired Boss Sauce all on a buttery brioche bun. :thumbsup:

The Smashed Jack is the latest addition to Jack in the Box’s constant conversation around better tasting burgers, available at all locations as a classic Smashed Jack, Bacon Double Smashed Jack, or combo option.

"We're sold out," Ryan Ostrom, Jack in the Box's chief marketing officer, told reporters at a media event Wednesday at the chain's San Diego headquarters.

The fast-food chain, a self-billed edgy rival to McDonald's, quietly rolled out the Smashed Jack in early January.

"No marketing, no advertising, we just put it on the menus," Ostrom said.

But word still got out, leading to hordes of fans scrambling to get their hands on the $8 premium burger. Ostrom said the chain sold nearly 70,000 burgers in a single day. One store received a single order for 27 Smashed Jacks.


Ostrom said the original plan was to quietly launch the burger for about six weeks to get restaurant teams prepared for a national launch in the spring. But the Smashed Jack was so popular that, after two weeks, supplies ran out, and the chain couldn't get enough patties out to stores.

"We couldn't keep it in stock, we couldn't keep it on the shelves," Ostrom said. "We unfortunately failed on this soft launch, which we did not think was going to happen."

The loose-grind 100% seasoned (smashed), beef patty is different from other burgers on the menu.

"It's actually the biggest patty we have," Ostrom said, adding that it was also "juicier" than other patties on the menu.

Jack’s version is smashed in a way that keeps the best part – its flavorful crispy edges – without sacrificing the amount of beef in the patty itself. For less than $10, the Smashed Jack doesn't force less meat to achieve a thinner patty. Rather, the patty has a smashed-style while maintaining the best bite possible that melts in your mouth to deliver flavor never achieved before
in fast food.

The chain is ramping up production of the smashed-style patties and said it was "working quickly to ensure a smooth and successful wide launch that will meet the unprecedented demand" for the burger when it officially rolls out in late February. A bacon double Smashed Jack, a burger with two patties and bacon, is also set to be available.

Smashed patties have been extremely popular, and our new Smashed Jack pays homage as its first fast food rendition, while adding a unique Jack twist. Thanks to high quality ingredients and a new chef crafted sauce, our new burger boasts a bold, caramelized flavorful patty typically reserved for sit down restaurants or homemade BBQ settings.

We recognized an opportunity to lean into our innovation history and bring something new to the drive thru,” said Ryan Ostrom, Chief Marketing Officer at Jack in the Box".

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"Eat it. Any time. The food is better at the Box!" Jack's Slogans
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I don’t eat fast food, and there are no Jack in the box restaurants here in the east. I remember going to one as a kid when we lived in the southwest. I liked it back then, but every kid likes fast food.


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I’ll never understand the fascination with fast food “drops”. I remember the Popeyes chicken sandwich from a few years ago that was the same way. And the whole chick fil a craze. IT’S 👏 NOT 👏 THAT 👏 FREAKING 👏 GOOD 👏 It’s cheap dog food grade fast food for crying out loud! Although, you can’t even use dog food in a derogatory way now :laugh: some dog food is actually better than fast food.

But I suppose it has nothing to do with flavor.
Grew up in Southern California, we had Jack in Box. Food was garbage, burgers were greasy. Jack Tacos were not to stand in line for.

Bob's Big Boy was close to Jack's Crap Place, Bogb’s had Big Boy Double Burger by adding Avocado, an order of Onion Rings, and a Chocolate Shake you were, or I was in food Magic Kingdom.
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