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July 2021 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)


Still in.

Turns out there's nothing like immersion in a project with your existing shave gear, for distracting you from thinking about acquiring more shave gear.

This was another off-the-stone shave with the same kamisori, and the first one using a synthetic -- a baby-blue Naniwa 10000 grit soaker that I've had for many years. I used to use it on chisels and plane blades, back when I was messing with those. It's considered a very viable razor finishing stone, though, so why not put it to the test?

The shave went surprisingly well, considering that this is the lowest grit I've ever finished a razor with. It's a competent edge. No competition for the screamingly sharp Method edges, of course, but it's pretty easy to imagine someone who only has this stone and is perfectly happy with his shaves. Some SR shavers even say they don't like super-keen edges. I don't know why you'd choose this over the 12K, though.

No toothy edges here; the edge was quite comfortable. I didn't get any of that "soul" thing from it, so there's nothing that would draw me away from Method honing, but I'm glad I did the experiment. No detectable skin irritation, but the alum complained just a tiny bit on my cheeks, where I had done a third pass to try to replicate my usual results, not quite successfully. The ATG pass on the cheeks was also the only place where I was truly wishing for a keener edge.

A pattern is emerging from these off-the-stone results. It's not a pattern I welcome hearing about, but when did reality ever take my wishes into account? I'm getting comfortable shaves off of the soft, easy stones, natural and synthetic, and toothy shaves off of the hard, challenging stones with slurry management.

Obvious conclusion: I have to really improve my finish honing game on hard stones. That project should get me through another GRUME at least. In the meantime, there is still one hard JNat finisher and one synthetic that I haven't tried to shave with yet.


I’m out! Did what I said and used the need as an excuse to buy a want.. Got a soap and aftershave set from Declaration Grooming on the way. Now to buy that kami before next month...
Sorry to hear it, but I hope the DG items are good to you. I think @Herrenberg can probably give some great kamisori advice if you need it. ;)

As usual, feel free to play along at home (and continue to post if you like) and I hope we'll see you in August.

And when a brother falls, it's time for...

Roll Call!

1) @FoolishMortal
2) @hopper_64
3) Sinnbad11 - out (7/12: Stirling SS razor)
4) SharpieB - out (7/14: Kent brush)
5) @Roedeer
6) @Herrenberg
7) @Owen Bawn
8) @RumpleBearskin - QUADSAB
9) Contact_vs_Feedback - out (7/3: Home-made ASB in June)
10) @henrickd - GRUYERE
11) @JKar
12) @Doti B
13) mattps1 - out (7/14: Strop)
14) Tomo - out (7/13: SR safe supplies)
15) @cryhavoc - GRUYERE
16) Schnitzel52 - out (7/3: Gillette Tech from PIF)
17) @‘Bout Time
18) @pdieten - GRUYERE
19) @Stuart Ganis
20) @wmadoty - GRUYERE
21) @Timeclo
23) @sandorfi
24) linty1 - out (7/19: eBay Rooney brush)
25) @tjsgarden
26) @Kyle89
27) @Multum in parvo
28) @FL shaver
29) scoots - out (7/21: DG soap and AS)
30) @Abz88
31) @La Malice
Still out.

I spent last few weeks trying to procure some razors (used), brushes (used and new) and soaps.

While I got good deals on these items, they are not as many as I purchased in the beginning of the year.

I've almost completed the procurement of the desired efficiency in the DE razors and after using them for some time, I'll be able to sell off the less favored.

In the soaps purchase, they were small purchases and mostly purchased locally from the fellow wet shavers.

I did one big purchase of Fine Accoutrements soaps (old formula) and got the last available soaps which can be delivered to me.

They were the only soaps which caught my attention and kept on being in the To Get list.

I'm still working on the blades and trying to ascertain which works best for me and which razor pairs well with the blades.


Still in. Been shaving just haven’t posted in a while. Struggling with the Vector currently. I get a decent shave with it, but the proline ends up feeling a bit tuggy. I want to try some more blades for it before I decide if I’m going to keep it or not. May have to wait till the sabbatical ends though to find out. (Prolines are the only blade I have currently). Also I cannot seem to figure out MWF or this boar brush. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Oh well, going to do some more experimenting. If anybody wants to trade some AC blades, hit me up! Have a great day y’all!


Still in.

Today's shave with the Iwasaki was a pleasant surprise. I had always wondered why I never saw the Shapton Glass 30K recommended as a razor finisher. Lots of people use others in the line for setting bevels and refining, but when it was time to recommend a synthetic for final honing on a razor, it never seemed to come up. People would recommend the Naniwa 10K I shaved with yesterday, or the 12K, or a Suehiro Gokumyo 20K. I always wondered why. I assumed it somehow didn't produce a good shaving edge. So despite having one for years, I never tried it on my razor, until now.

Part of the delay is that I am a rabid fan of the Shapton Glass line, and I didn't want to have it disappoint me in any way. Yes, I know that's silly.

If there is a problem with this stone for razors, I don't know what it is. I got a darned fine shave. Not Method territory, but very good. The edge was very comfortable, and far more capable than the one I got yesterday on the Naniwa.
Day 22, 71% complete.

Preshave: Hot washcloth
Soap: MWF
Brush: Men-U boar
Razor: GC.68 SB, Astra SP #7
Post-shave: Nivea 2-Phase Lotion.

Tried fewer passes (skipped some XTG), and got a surprisingly fine result with no irritation at all.

Fast, too, although I'm not trying to beat the clock these days. I wish I'd had something this good when I was working.
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