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January 2023 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

Shave #25
- Still In -

  • *Truefitt’s Apsley - SOTM
  • *Simpson’s Commodore x3 - Best
  • *Boker Carbon Elite 3.0 - 6/8
  • *Mühle R89
  • Polsilver Iridium - 26 - Binned
  • Kiehl's Blue Astringent
  • Stirling's Varen Splash - Glacial
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Is the T&H soap latherable as I’ve heard that these soaps are as bad as GFT ones. More difficult to obtain a lather from than MWF is a mantra I hear a lot.
Still out
Tonight’s shave
Pre-shave: Warm face wash
Razor: Rockwell 6C 5/6
Blade: Shark Super Stainless (1)
Brush: Simpsons Commodore X3
Soap: Signature Soaps Hibernian

Post-Shave: Alum Block
Fine American Blend AS Splash
Haslinger Sandalwood ASB

Decided to mix things up again. Signature Soap alongside the razor/blade combo performed with aplomb. No claret all all and a glass like finish or BBS as it’s often referred as.

Gutted to have failed this GRUNE but ready to get back on track for next months. Stay safe fellas 😎😎😎😎
Missed out the FAB splash inadvertently in the thumbnail though 😩😩😩😩


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Is the T&H soap latherable as I’ve heard that these soaps are as bad as GFT ones. More difficult to obtain a lather from than MWF is a mantra I hear a lot.
I've never had and issue lathering my T&H Sandalwood. From what I'm aware of the issues were of a formulation prior to mine. Apsley was the only Truefitt soap recently reformulated and is sublime. It lathers easily and stays full bodied. It has been mentioned here, that this is the same recipe which Floris has underwent. Floris too is a very nice soap indeed.

I've had the predecessor Floris and well, it makes for a nice bath bar...

Our kitchen is gone (remodeling, only through the demolition phase), my son just got his first college acceptance notification (SDSU) and it's another fine day in California (though more rain would be welcome). And you?
Congrats Brandon on the first of what I hope to be many acceptance letters !
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Congrats Brandon on the first of what I hope to be many acceptance letters !
Thanks! He's a very good student, so he's got a real shot at getting into one of the UC schools that he's hoping to attend.

Getting that first acceptance gave him a huge sense of achievement and relief. He's smart and he worked hard; we always coach him that talent without effort gives sub-optimal results, and he puts in the time. We know that he'll be accepted to a number of schools, but until you have the proof, it's still not quite real. Now it's really "real" and he can relax just a bit and breathe.

And hey, if he somehow doesn't get in anywhere else that suits him, SDSU is a good school that would be a good fit. I would rather him go there than go to a "better" school that's not a good fit for who he is. :)
Still in, not going anywhere soon. This is my weekly town day, run errands, evening concert band rehearsal. But this happened yesterday a half mile down the road.


So I stayed home and made great progress on cutting up the Douglas Fir that fell three weeks ago. I was tired, but I still got a DFS with my Tech and Feather. One very small nick.
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1-26-23 Thur. PM still OUT

SWS: 4 of 52
365: 27 of 365
Jan. GRUME: Out

Razor: Ball-end Tech
Blade: BIC chrome-platinum (7)
Soap: Blue Barbershop
Brush: RR Bruce
Post: Alum, Shower, Balm

Spent the time on a slow easy shave before work today. 2 passes plus a bit of touch up = DFS++

Be well

365 days of shaving27/365 (100%)
GRUYERE27/365 (100%)
GRUME January27/31 (100%)
Discovery Blade AdventureBolzano 3/3
Timor 3/3
Eddison 3/3
Other participations-

WXTGN-S cheeks and neck
Neck: S-N
Cheeks and neck S-N

Razorine FlatboyGillette Black (4?)Omega Proraso
Soap & Bowl
Cold splashMitchell’s Wool Fat
Mostly bowl lathered
Cold splash
Floïd (AS) and Nivea (Balm)

8.5/10 (~15 minutes)7/10 (one nick)
8.5/10 (BBS-)
8/10 (smooth with harsher ending)

Notes to today’s shave:

Still in and enjoying the last days towards actually completing a GRUME! How about that!

It has been too long in my mind that I have used this fine Italian. I love the audio feedback and the effectiveness.

The end result was a very nice and smooth face by the way so I am not overly complaining. And I have had less than stellar experiences with the Flatboy so today was a good day as Ice Cube would say.

I made sure I loaded heavy on the Fat with my lather hogging Omega boar. MWF never disappoints on lather.

A fine start of the Friday in my book.

More detailed notes can be found in my journal here.

Enjoy your shave!
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