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I could be happy with.......

I have nothing compared to many here .I have 14 razors I use 4 . 3 Brushes including one that arrived today 4 creams and 2 soap sticks 1 cream and one stick arrived with the brush. Assorted blades I could be perfectly fine with about any razor I have. Any brush I have I am not sure about the LaToja stick but everything else I have I would be fine with . Matter of fact had they not discontinued the American made palmolive I would still be using it a Burma shave brush , drug store Gillette blades and only my tech razor , sometimes I think I over complicate things
By the way I have 3/4 of one tube and one unopened tube of the old palmolive left
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You have a lot more razors than I!
I carry the Palmolive shaving cream in the dopp bag and it is still widely available in UK supermarkets.
I have a Merkur 1904 that I bought recently. The rest on my razors were bought extremely cheap used. I have $15- $20 combined in the other 13 razors I have read but can't confirm EU made palmolive is a little different .

We often over complicate our choices. We could be content with a thinned down den, but not necessarily happy.
There are days I look at the basket I have the stuff that I use regularly and think what do I use today ?


Good man!!

After a ton of trying (read ‘collecting’), I cleaned out my razor collection. These days I am pretty much down to two: my Wolfman WR1 and my Lord L6 travel razor. I am also ‘down to’ around 10 brushes.

Everything else is a different story!

I enjoy selecting products to enjoy during my daily shaves!! :a29:
If I had to choose one setup it would likely be my Omega 49, Sir Hare Barbershop, and my Pre War FH Tech with a GSB.

I’d be happy with that.

Which makes me chuckle because I’ve got a few hundred dollars worth of razors, soaps, brushes and blades and that setup is easily under $50 total 😂
I could thin out my den and be happy with my Feather AS-D2 and my Simpsons Chubby 1 best badger brush and a lifetime supply of Palmolive shave sticks and Speick aftershave.

I don't need to do that though so i'll stick with my 20 or so razors and a huge box of soaps
I’ve got a modest collection of razors, soaps and creams too. Usually I use just two brushes. My Boar (Omega) But honestly I could be happy with just a Tech razor, VdH soap and one of my boar brushes. Drugstore AS too.....

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Yes. But!

A month from now, out of sheer boredom, you might try something else.

It might be good!

Another month goes by ...

...what I got. It isn't much, but it does everything well. Other than Proraso and Arko Soaps, my signature is my inventory.
I would be happy if I could shave with a straight razor, but several broken fingers, and mild arthritis makes my hope limited.