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Better shaves AWAY from the forum?


three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu
My technique has improved vastly since joining B&B. Every razor I've purchased has been a little better for me than the one it replaced, but I have been using the same razor at home for around 8 years or so. I do notice that the first travel day's shave with my travel razor (a fine razor) brings the discovery that the razor angle needs to be slightly different. But there are shavers here who regularly rotate a big pile of razors with no issues, so I suspect it's just a skill I haven't honed.

I've been doing a few soap longevity tests over the past few years and noticed my old travel soap hasn't been used in all that time (I switched to La Toja sticks because their small size travels better), so I had a Haslinger's shave. I've used Haslinger's a great deal in the past and always thought it was nice soap, but I did end up with a little irritation (and a great shave). That was one shave, and in my book results from one shave mean virtually nothing (was it the lather or the blade or my technique), but I've been shaving with MdC, SV and CSS for a couple of years and wonder if they don't provide a little better cushion. I'll have to do another Haslinger's shave to find out.
Maybe I am wrong but getting a GOOD shave is a skill.

You can read, or watch U-Tube until your dog tired.

At some point you got to wet face, apply lather, and grave Razor loaded with blade.

First time I shave with DE was long ago. Yes I got cuts, nicks, and irritation.

In time I honed my skil, and things got better.

Can become good at anything, unless you spend time learn the skills to be good.

Be it sports, sales, cooking,or shaving.
To quote the often used phrase "it's about the journey, not the destination". Like many, I too have too much equipment. At this stage in my life, I've gotten pretty good about "resisting" urges to buy more based on the recommendations of others - simple because I really like what I have. At various times, I have considered gifting or selling various items but I never do. Why? Because shaving for me has become the art of getting a consistent result no matter where I am or what I'm using. Do I have certain preferences, you bet, but I still like to test myself with different combinations regularly.

My goal and challenge going forward is to gradually use up all of my consumables (blades, soaps, creams, croaps, oils, waxes, splashes, moisturizers, etc.) and selectively purchase new items only as necessary, in very limited quantities. For razors and brushes, I'll keep them all. Any brushes that wear out, will be retired to hat brush use, with the ultimate hope of getting down to one boar, one badger and one synthetic. Note: I would also like to include a cachurro example here but gave up on it long ago due to poor hair rentention issues experienced with a Vie-Long 12750.
Just remember that FOMO is real and can be avoided. I find that the latest and greatest is not always the best. You can only use one razor and blade at a time and only one soap. I have plenty of supplies to last me the next five years, but I only use one razor. Everything is pretty much hype and fluff here, sprinkled with good advice.
Was reading Sharpologist and came across an article about mistakes that people were making in shaving. Perfectly sums up what happened here with me:
My shaves are definitely not better.
They definitely were more consistent.
I will leave the forums for a year here and there.When I leave I shave with the same two razors.I just rotate.Only hone when I have too.
Then I will get into the hobby side again and try a bunch of new razors,hones etc.
When ever the hobby part gets old I shave just for the utility…That being said I tried to go back to DE and I couldn’t..I have just gotten to used to the feel of straights.
So even when I’m not on the forums I still wet shave.
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