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How Much Time Do You Spend Shaving?

You shave in the evenings? Does your shave last long enough during the day at work? I never thought about shaving to be relaxing experience unless it’s being done by a barber. :) While shaving with an electric shaver my mind could clear. However, shaving with a blade my mind would not be clear at all but worrying about shedding my blood. :)
My job requires a ton of very high stress multitasking. When I shave, I get to silence the multitude of simultaneous tasks that normally occupy my consciousness and concentrate on the one task at hand, shaving. It's just a real pleasure to be able to focus all of my attention on one very specific task.

It relaxes me tremendously. Plus, my wife really digs it.
Wow! Those are very fast times. Obviously, practice makes perfect. If I shaved that quickly I would surely cut myself.
I pretty much only do 2 passes. WTG and then ATG most everywhere, but XTG on trouble spots where ATG is likely to cause issues.
I take eight to ten minutes to finish a DE wet shave. I don't do three-pass shaves, one pass is usually enough, two if the blade's a bit old. I don't want DE shaving to be much more cumbersome than using single blade disposables, as I had done for much of my life. I'm fortunate that single blades had been enough for me!
Depends on the motivation. If it's just a simple shave with all the regular stuff, it all takes less than five minutes. If I'm trying something new, or using a razor I'm less fluid with, it may well take me longer. I doubt it takes me longer than ten minutes though, unless you count the time to strop a straight, portion up a new serving of soap (I don't put the whole soap out anymore - just 20g or so), or other peripheral activities.
I haven't timed myself so I think I'm going to do just that since you've sparked my own curiosity. But I think that I am in the neighborhood of between 20 and 30 minutes from the point where I first start to apply some pre-shave oil to the point that I apply my aftershave splash. I'm sure whether I use a cream or a soap has an impact on the amount of time I spend. What I am not including is the time it takes me to pick out the razor, brush, lather bowl and cream/soap I plan to use. I'll update once I've timed myself. Should be interesting.......to me at least.