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Needing suggestions for shaving fast growing heavy facial hair

Hi all. Long time shaver. Over the years I've used lots of different disposables, safety razors, electric razors in a hot shower with lather or afterwards. Prior to shaving while in the shower, I'll use an exfoliating glove to prep my face right before shaving.
Have experimented with lots of different types of lather, pre-shave gels, soaps, creams and have found that a basic foam works best for me.

Typically, I shave about twice a week but am looking to shave daily to have a cleaner look.
I could easily shave twice a day as I have heavy course facial hair that grows fast.

Currently I alternate between using a Braun Series 5 electric shaver and Gillette Sensor triple (or Bic twin) disposables (and try and extend their life via the jeans method).
Have considered using a straight razor. Am a frugal guy and wanting something that works well for daily shaving for my type of facial hair.

For those with similar course/heavy facial hair that shave daily, what brand/style of shaving methods work best for you?
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Welcome to the B&B community.

I do have a suggestion.... Take a look at the journal section I'll link. You'll discover a lot of us have gone through the process you are just starting. Reading our successes and failures might be entertaining and perhaps, provide some guidance.

I would dip my toes in first instead of diving straight in, pun intended. You say you currently shave twice a week, so when going daily I would try a gentle approach to make sure your face and skin can tolerate the increase in frequency. Pick a mild DE razor like the Baili BT176 (very frugal, <$20) and shave every day with 2 passes maximum. Get a sampler pack of razor blades like this one so you can learn what brands/types work best for you: https://www.amazon.com/Shaving-Safety-Double-Blades-Brands/dp/B07FC3MPK9

Do this for a few months before you decide to up the number of passes or upgrade to a more aggressive razor/cutting method.

The point is you don't have to get it correct right away, and you likely won't. Start small and be prepared to make adjustments every few months until you have a process that works for you. You don't have to spend a lot of money at any step of the way either. There are razors at every stage of cutting intensity available in budget, medium, and high end price ranges. Razor blades, even the most costly, are inexpensive compared to cartridges, and you can continue to use the foam of your choice.
My beard also grows very fast. I went from shaving once/twice a week to shaving every day. I found that when I'm shaving every day (sometimes twice a day) my skin needs a little extra help in recovering. Two products that really seem to help my skin recover quickly are Hyuralonic Acid Serum and Emu Oil.

I like the Hyuralonic Acid Serum but the price is kind of high. It is really easy to make yourself and costs pennies that way. I buy the pure Hyuralonic Acid powder and at first I mixed with water - but now I mix it with Aloe Vera juice instead. I make about 2oz in a small eyedropper bottle and that will last me a few weeks. I apply it to my face right after the shave - the Aloe juice gives you a mild sting if you nicked yourself. It absorbs pretty quickly then I rub in a small bit of Emu Oil. Within 5 minutes you won't feel oily or greasy.


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Welcome! I like shaving daily with a straight razor. My beard is fair, not overly coarse, but full. I’ve found straight shaving to be the most comfortable. I would not equate it to being frugal however, as there were some definite costs for me to get set up to maintain the razors. A very satisfying way to shave nonetheless.
Welcome to B&B! I have thick, coarse facial hair. I shave everyday. I found what works best for me is very efficient razors with sharp blades.

That might be too harsh right out of the gate for a newbie though. You can try what's available at the grocery store to get a sample of what's out there.

I would not recommend diving head first into the wetshaving world without practice.

Here's a cheapo razor readily available at most Dollar Tree stores. Don't let the cost fool you. It's very efficient and the blades aren't half blade. However, I must say, YMMV. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa.


I would also buy an entry level shaving brush and some good soap. There's lot of options out there. Buy from a reputable vendor, e.g. ShaveNation, Italian Barber, Maggard's, etc.

Lastly, buy a few samples of Blades and stick with them for a few weeks at a time.

That way you are working on technique and getting lots of practice.
get a DE razor that has a few plates
the rockwell 6S and you can play with various levels the plates offer
or my choice would be a Italian Barber Game changer with the .68 .84 and 1.05 plates and play with those plates for a while learning what you like and both are great razors that are built well and last a lifetime in the stainless

some soap I love Noble Otter and SV others will recommend what they love maybe Stirling great bang for buck soap also to start with but enjoy the scent and try a few other soaps along the way

a nice basic brush again various folks love various things but a PAA synthetic or a basic semogue natural hair and bowl I love the timeless bowls :)

and some GSB blades (Gillette Silver Blue)

and use those tools for a few months learn what you like and dont and use those as a baseline to try new tools to find your perfect setup

ditto the buy from the vendors here or reputable shave shops or if you live near a shop go in visit open the soaps smell what you love etc... feel the brushes

Learning to shave with these tools is a game-changer big time
I used to be like you shave once or maybe twice a week hated shaving to shaving every day and the DE and finding your soap and razor and blade combo that works for you can give you shaves that are so so so so comfy and no irritation
but it might take some experimenting some soaps and some blades and some razors did irritate my face or were not comfortable and I had to change but that trying various setups/tools out was so worth it as I am going to be shaving for the rest of my life
Hi all, thank you for your suggestions.
Just retried shaving in the shower using a safety razor first (one sided blade for an old safety razor I have) and the new blade was beyond dull. Was a pain to shave with, so I went with a backup disposable (a Bic twin blade) that I've used a half dozen times (just sharpen it by gliding over old jeans). The Bic was efficient and did a good job. Other disposables I've been able to extend the life of the same way.
In full disclosure, before today I had not shaved for 4 days so my beard was thicker than usual.
I've also got an old double sized safety razor that I've had a similar experience with. Have not tried a straight razor yet.
My goal is a shaving method where I can shave either daily or every other day to keep a clean crisp look.
I'll look further into the links and suggestions given. Thanks.
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