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How I got here

I received an Art of Shaving kit with a Merkur Vision adjustable DE when my first stubble came in. It was horrible. The soap, the blades, the razor, the experience. I didn't know at the time. I figured it was my sensitive skin disagreeing with shaving.

For a very long time, I only shaved infrequently with a buzzer. As I grew older I wanted a sharper look. I picked up the Merkur again and could not get it to work for me. I bought a $200 Braun electric shaver to get a "close shave." I couldn't believe how bad it was. But it was the best, right? So again, must be my skin.

After many mornings of loud buzzing, missed spots, and dead batteries, I knew a single blade had to be the only way to a good shave. I did my research, tested products, experimented with my technique.

Three years later I'm here, still learning and loving the process of a nice, wet shave.

(KAI blades, Simpsons Commodore X2, Merkur 25C or Henson AL13 (still testing).)
I find it amusing that your entry razor was Merkur's over-engineered technological marvel, while mine was the Micro-Touch One, a rebranded Weishi clone of the Gillette Super Speed, and more mild than a garter snake with its teeth pulled.

But one shave with that and I was totally recruited into the ranks. I remember thinking, "Why did we ever stop doing it this way?"
Great story! I think the biggest misconception with electric shavers is that the blades are some how immune to getting dull. I tried the electric thing early in my years (as you did) as a possible solution and the amount of pulling and tugging was unbearable. It's a ridiculous system. Glad you found some great solutions!
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