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High Efficiency Razors June and July 2022

***Edited to extend this thread to High Efficiency Razors June and July 2022***

Time to pull out the bruisers, DE and SE. :cool:

Please join me with your DE and SE razors for "High Efficiency Razors June and July 2022". :thumbup:

Your Timeless Bronze .78 OC, High Gap Wolfman, Charcoal Goods Level 3, Ikon TEK, GEM MMOC, Fatip v1, etc. razors are calling your name. :)

Cry havoc, and let loose your high efficiency razors! :cool:
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Recently, one of my more powerful razors that I really liked was the Green Cult SS.
It is really very efficient and I liked it a lot.

Smooth day for everyone 👌🌿

I’m in. Today is not a shave day, so I will join you guys tomorrow.

Does a WR1 .80 qualify as a high gap?

It absolutely does… for me at least. The definition of high efficiency is relevant only to each individual person. What is high efficiency for one, may be super mild for another. The .80 OC is as high as I can go in a WR1, and will surely make an appearance in this thread.
David, would the Fatip v2 also meet the high efficiency standards? It does for me but want to make sure if I can meet the mark with that little beast as opposed to the Big Alpha Dogs you are most likely referring to.

Seeing last year’s post I am inclined to think my Fatips qualify. If so, count me in. Nice to combine this with GRUME in June.


By the way it must be in the name. I decided to mix and match my baseplates from the SE and the Nickel Piccolos only to find in an older post that @JAHE had a similar thought already. 😁👍🏻

Shave for today was with the Special Edition Gentile and a Dorco Titan. Wonderfully smooth and comfortable combination. It was just one shave but this blade could very well become my most favoured one.




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does it qualify?

Are you getting the shave you want in four passes or less? If so, your razor counts. And you always count, too, K-Diggy

I think it is very efficient

Have read of people shying away from the efficiency of the 1.25mm WR2 and you said it’s efficient for you, so your personal experience and internet rumors both confirm it.
So, I was on vacation last week and had to mow down 4 days of growth.

I have an extra Weber SS long handle that I pair with a Muhle R41 head. Took care of that like nobody's business.

This morning, I did a two pass shave (XTG and ATG, with some minor touch ups) with a Perma-Sharp blade.

Very efficient!
Sure I'm im again. Thanks for getting this thing re-started @never-stop-learning . My poor skin 😜

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Does a WR1 .80 qualify as a high gap? Perhaps not, however, the efficiency level of my shave this morning gave no reason to moan. Two passes wtg/atg with the OC side (plus some minor touch ups) left my skin bald like a bowling ball.

Enjoy the ride, y'all!
Yes it does! :)

I've been told my Claymore Evolution is an efficient razor. I don't know enough to know how to distinguish it.... so does it qualify? yes or no?
The Evolution qualifies. :)
I only have one razor WR2 SS SB 1.25, I think it is very efficient not sure if it fits with these other razors.

Yes, the WR2 1.25 qualifies. :)
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