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Have your tastes and needs changed when it comes to firearms over time?

I purchased an Armalite AR-7 a few years ago, from an advertisement in the Sunday newspaper for $85. Sold it at a Gun Show for $325. :)

Not a bad return on investment. I've had a few people ask me if I'd ever sell it, and they've offered some pretty decent money for it. Especially since it's a low S/N (early 60's production), and has all of the original paperwork and box.
I'm not really much of a collector, and at some point I will probably put it up for sale. I've been holding onto a few things over the years that I normally wouldn't. Given that I'm planning to move in the next 18 months, looks like an opportune time to really trim the fat.
OK I will throw my .02$ in on this subject.
I started carrying at the ripe old age of 20. And have carried everyday of my adult life. Never missed a single day, not once, not ever.
I am 52 now. Wow, that seems odd to say that I am a 50 year old guy, I don't feel a day over 25!
In those years I have carried the following in no particular order;
A Colt Double Eagle Officers Model in .45 ACP, a Colt Mustang in .380ACP, Glock 23 .40S&W, Glock 26 9MM, Taurus PT111 Slim 9MM, Kel-Tec PM-9 9MM, Ruger LCP .380, Beretta Nano 9MM, Ruger LC9 9mm, Beretta Pico .380ACP, S&W model 36 .38SPL,numerous 1911 in 9mm, .45ACP, and even .357 Sig.

Several Taurus and Rossi .38 and .357 revolvers. And numerous .22 cal revolvers, pistols, and even a folding rifle for a few months once.

In those years of carry I have learned two things; 1.) If you aint prepared to use it don't carry it. 2.) If you don't test it regularly it will fail for you when you need it.

While I have never needed to use my weapon on a human, I have had to use it on other "aggressors" such as a wounded hog that came out of nowhere, and several elongated scaly creatures that start with an s that others seem to think are pets.
I have also dispatched wounded animals on the roadsides hit by cars, up to a cow, and as small as a tiny dog.. In every case the weapon has been more than adequate for the job and the weapons have performed perfectly with a few notable exceptions involving my not having cleaned a weapon often enough and it being unreliable due to lack of maintenance.
Also some of the guns mentioned above never proved to be reliable and thus were only carried for a short while. But like my two lessons state if you want to bet your life on them you have to be ready and willing to use them, and you need to have maintained them and practiced enough that you can use them well.

As I age, the number of shots does not matter quite as much as it used to, and the weight and recoil of the gun matters more to me. While I still enjoy shooting .44Mag for fun I would never carry that boat anchor unless I had nothing else. A nice .380 or 9MM in somewhere around 7-12 rounds is plenty of gun for me. And if you can make it thin and light as well that's even better.
Put some sights that I can see on it and I'm a sucker, take my money now.
I have kept a sweet 1911 Officers model in 9mm that I love to shoot and carry occasionally. But it's too heavey for everyday
Anyhow thats my .02$.

That's been the direction I've been going as far as concealed carry goes.

Give me a compact, light and slim pistol that's easy to conceal un noticed.

When shooting outdoors I don't shoot my bigger calibers as much as I used to. I don't reload and it's getting kinda of expensive to shoot 100rds each of 357, 44 and 45 in a one day session.

Last couple years I've mostly been shooting Rimfire, 38, 380 and 9.

As for long guns. I've always enjoyed plinking with rimfires, AR, 30 30 and a shotgun. Haven't went hunting in years. So I haven't taken them out in a while.
All my long guns have gone to new Forever Homes. I finally admitted that since I had not fired any of them in well over a decade it was time to get them a home where they could go WalkAbout. Had some ammo for the Mausers and the SKS and noticed the price on the 7.62 by 39 was $2.99 a box and 8mm was $12.00 per 100.
As for a long gun, I still prefer a pump action over everything else, be it rifle or shotgun. There are lever, bolts and semi-autos in the safe, but I always seem to grab the pump gun.
My handgun of choice is the 1911. I often stray, (Sig, P239 and P227, M&P, along with various revolvers) but always return to what I started with.
Not really. Springfield xDM for conceal, Springfield XD 4” for home and an Ithaca Mag 10 next to the bed.

I honestly pity the fool that has to deal with the Ithaca.
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