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Have disposable razors become really good or...


three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu
I still have a cart with a handful of 2-blade weapons left, but that's not a comfortable shave for me. But the Bic Metal is a different story. I get a fine shave with the Bic, although it provides a tiny bit of irritation compared to my daily driver.


Dirty Donuts are so Good.
I use DE, SE, Injector, Straight, Shavette and a Cartridge razor. I don’t know much about modern cartridge razors except for the Mach3 and didn’t like it’s shave or prices to obtain.

The very first cart was the best cart imo. While I started with the Trac II at 15 years of age, I didn’t learn the skill or techniques on how to enjoy the shave of a Trac II until 2010 after stumbling onto B&B.

I enjoy a vintage Trac II in the rotation of my many different styles of razors; and carry a travel Trac II in the Dopp kit.

I acquired a lifetime supply of carts years ago when Wilkinson Sword discontinued their carts and I traveled to many different Walmart’s picking up packs of 10 carts for .50 cents a pack off of their clearance aisle.

Great shaves.




I have been using bic metal in my rotation these last 3 months . Lovely razor. I used today a Gillette disposable with two blades. Impressed as well.

Have disposable razors become really good or is it just me that I had forgotten them these years? Maybe shaving with a de/se/shavette/injector razor for some years can make you get good shaves from a disposable as well.

What do you think on this subject?

They've become that good. The only reason to use DE or a straight razor anymore is preference. You can still make telephone calls using a landline dial phone if that floats your boat. Same thing.
Maybe just me. I can't even imagine a way of developing a technique using any disposable. Every one just is what it is. Some are unbeluevably close (too close, microcuts with some of those 5 blade carts). Extreme closenes, comfort and skin preservation requires a DE rti me
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