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Grey Flannel PIF - 2010

This PIF closes at midnight.

If you would like an almost new bottle of Geoffrey Beene's Grey Flannel, just post here that you are interested. It is a 2 oz. spray bottle of Edt.

I will limit this PIF to the continent of North America, as I do not want to pay postage and deal with customs beyond this region. I will pick the winner by simply losing track of all but one post. Actually, I will randomly select among any interested members.

Less than 2 hours to go.
I'd be interested. I'm 30 and can honestly say I have never ever smelled it. I did read a thread that stated it smells like the VDH Deluxe or vice versa?!?!?! I could definitely handle that. I have found I like the more classic scents, and I think this one qualifies as such. Thanks for the chance.
I'd be interested in trying this. Is it sad to be reading B&B new years eve?

Happy New years all!

I got a bottle of Zegna Extreem for X-mas - I like it, but my wife is not so sure, we'll see how that works out.
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thanks for the offer.

count me in and sign me up for pathetic new years eve events. watching "inside MMA" while my wife sleeps on the couch and browsing B&B.

sign me up. thanks
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