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Gillette 7 o'clock, why so many?

I've noticed that there are several different kinds of Gillette 7 o'clock DE blades. I can't tell the difference. Can somebody break it down for me?
It looks like the greens and yellows are the two favorites and are basically the same. sound right?

For me the Greens and the Yellows are very different. I can't use either of the greens for more than one shave.

The Yellows, Blacks, and Blues work best for me. They are all very smooth yet sharp, and they last more than four shaves for me.
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The 7 o clock yellows are fantastic, i only use them or feathers and to be honest i have been using the yellows more often lately. They are very good in a slant or slim adjustable.
I prefer the Indian blades over the Russian ones. The Indian blacks are really very nice.


Same here, + see my thread "Feather, measure of all blades" you will find reviews on just about all of them there. For me the best all over is the Indian Green, while the Black gives the best shave, but are as expensive as Feather, so I use Feather instead :laugh:
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Before I went to feathers, the Blacks were my fave, very smooth, though not quite as sharp as the yellows.
The 7 o'clock Yellow work best for me... :thumbup1:

My order of preference is:
Yellow (Russian)
Green (Indian)
Black (Indian)
Green (Russian)

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