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First straight razor shave in several years

I was active in the hobby back when it was at its peak. I guess I hit all aspects of the hobby during my time including shaving, honing, buying/selling/trading, and even restoration of vintage razors. I had wild fun for several years and then I moved on to other hobbies and dropped the straight razor and related hobbies. I have just picked it up again after several years away. Unfortunately all my vintage razors rusted in storage during the years I lived in Florida (even though they were packed away oiled. I will get around to cleaning them all up and getting them shave ready again but it’s going to be a chore. I finally felt inspired to pick up an Amazon gold dollar and start to shave again. The razor came in last night and I just shaved a few minutes ago. At first it felt a little awkward but the whole never-forget-how-to-ride-a-bicycle thing kicked in and I got a nice shave out of it. I know it will get better after a few goes. Here is the wild part. The gold dollar came legitimately shave ready right from Amazon. It tree topped hair and popped hanging hairs right out of the box. The actual shave itself confirmed the quick tests. That’s a first for me. I used to get the old 66s and 200s and 800s that were nowhere near shave ready. I can’t imagine the factory put it out that way. If I had to guess I would say it was a value-added service by the Amazon reseller. The one I got was the 1996 model. That was a new one on me. Love them red scales. Anyway it was exciting for me and I thought I would pass it on. Take it easy.
Nice to hear your story, which gives me a bit of encouragement. I too have taken a hiatus from straight-razor shaving for around two years, in large part due to preparations leading to the sale of my house in the US and then relocating a third of the world away. But soon I hope to return to things with something analogous to a Gold Dollar that I've recently come across.

If you feel like venturing further with the Gold Dollars, you might be interested in participating in or following the upcoming Gold Dollar modification contest as mentioned in this thread: The 2024 Gold Dollar Mod Competition, Coming Soon! - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/the-2024-gold-dollar-mod-competition-coming-soon.651363/#post-12643126.
You wouldn’t happen to be the captain howdy who makes true crime videos on YouTube would you? I’m sure the chances would be pretty slim but then again that’s not a handle you see every day either. I had to ask.
I have some YouTube content, but it's not true crime themed...Probably just a coincidence.
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