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February 2021 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)


It was going so well, I added a third-pass to attempt a BBS. Didn't quite get there all over, but it was very close and comfortable with minimal feedback from the alum (especially considering I rarely do a third pass).
I'm curious - why bin the Nacet after three shaves. It sounds like things went well and I'm guessing the blade has (had) more life to give. Is that just SOP?


I’m out! Lol

i forgot about the PIF thing and entered Greydog’s. Oh well, might as well order that Karve razor now too!
I'm out. I decided to get a Blackbird off of a BST. Happy I did, but sad I only lasted 7 days. I think I'll play from home for a while, and sort out my stuff!

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I'm leaving to join a PIF. Together we hope to change the world.
Well, we managed to get 25% through the month before we had our first casualty. Good luck to the gents in the PIF - here's hoping you'll have something to show for it - and please do tell us how you like your acquisitions. As always, feel free to play along at home (if you're so inclined) and we'll hope to see you next month.

And when a few brothers fall, it's time for...

Roll Call!

1) @FoolishMortal - OBiF
2) @CzechCzar
3) SharpieB - out (1/7: PIF entry)
4) @Sinnbad11
5) @B_R_A_D
6) @Jmp63 - Annual
7) @cryhavoc - Annual
8) @‘Bout Time
9) @Doti B
10) @henrickd - Annual
11) @AZBronco
12) @Roedeer
13) @Timeclo
14) @Sotiris_A
15) @Abz88
16) @hopper_64
17) @woodwzrd
18) MaineYooper - out (1/8: Blackbird razor)
19) @FL shaver
20) @Contact_vs_Feedback - Annual
21) @Stuart Ganis
22) @Lee93
23) @Rhody
24) @pdieten - Annual
25) @Chef455
26) @mattps1 - Annual
27) Leverspro - out (1/8: PIF entry)
28) @wmadoty - Annual - OBiF
29) @Tomo
30) @4and20blackbirds
31) @Cino
I'm curious - why bin the Nacet after three shaves. It sounds like things went well and I'm guessing the blade has (had) more life to give. Is that just SOP?
Mainly because I'm just testing out some new blades and I wanted to try a Feather in the iKon before I move to my next razor.. When I get around to a second go of the blade in the future, I'll give it a longer drive. I do find that my beard is such that most DEs are ready for the blade bank at between three to five uses. Except for the Feather–more info in my roll call post, but my plan to give it three uses was a no-go.
Still in.

Monday shave


Prep: The Body Shop sugar scrub
Soap: CBL Pineapple Cilantro Banana
Brush: Shavemac Finest badger
Razor: iKon X3 slant on bulldog handle, #13
Blade: Feather, #2 and binned
Post: Alum -> hyaluronic acid-> Skin Bracer aftershave -> The Cool Fix

Two-passes, CCS on cheeks, but as for my neck, significant feedback from the alum and a necessary application of The Cool Fix pretty much says it all. Ouch. The dropoff in performance of the Feather compared to the first use last night was astounding. I've never had a blade go from hero to zero so fast. On the good side, the soap smells fantastic, though the performance was average (that may have been my fault--not sure I had it completely dialed in).
Still in.

Preshave: Hot washcloth, Nuage oil
Soap: Palmolive, bowl-lathered
Brush: Men-U boar
Razor: Rockwell 6S, R4, Astra SP #1
Post-shave: Blue Stratos AS, Nivea Balm.

Used the Rockwell on autopilot, and got an irritation-free DFS. R4 seems to be the ideal setting for it.
Still in. SOTD - 08 FEB 2021

SOTD 02082021.jpg

Good shave. Astra SP is one of my go-to blades but it didn't work well today. A little tuggy and not as smooth as I'd like. I'm hoping that I just got a bad batch on this tuck... Result was still decent though. Very close DFS with slight irritations that went away soon after.
Still in. Glad I held onto the FaTip I got in January. Once I aligned the blade (the wax dots on the blade made this a bit of a hassle) and figured out that a shallow angle works best for me with this razor I got a VERY nice shave. I see what people mean about this razor being very smooth but deceptively efficient.

Pre-shave (in order of use)
- Clinique for Men Charcoal Face Wash
- Sukin Pore Refinish Facial Scrub
- Truefitt and Hill Pre-Shave Oil
- Penhaligons Endymion Shaving Cream

Post-shave (in order of use)
- Omega Alum Block
- Simple Kind to Skin Alcohol Free Soothing Facial Toner
- The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid
- Jack Black Protein Booster Skin Serum
- Dolce & Gabbana The One aftershave balm
- Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturiser

- FaTip Special Edition (Gentile Head)
- Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow (1)
- Antica Barberia Mondial Boar
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