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Feather AS-D2 vs.Weishi / Micro Touch One / Van Der Hagen TTO

Which razor.feels/behaves more aggressive to you?

  • Feather AS-D2

  • Weishi / Micro Touch One / Van Der Hagen TTO

  • They feel equally aggressive to me

  • I haven't used both razors

  • I'm not sure

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Which razor feels/behaves more aggressive to you?

- Feather AS-D2
- Weishi / Micro Touch One / Van Der Hagen TTO
- They feel equally aggressive to me
- I haven't used both razors
- I'm not sure

If you do not see the poll above (with checkboxes), please feel free to reply to this thread with a one line comment like, "My Vote: razor x".

Please do NOT vote in both ways though on the same poll.

This is the 19th, companion public opinion poll towards creating a B&B Modern Razor Aggressiveness Scale. My goal with this specific poll is to establish a razor as being a "1.0" on the 1 to 10 scale. Please see (and also share your own list at) this page for more information:


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Thank you!
With what razor blade?
Please assume that each razor is used with an "average blade". The rational is that this poll will result in a summary something along the lines of: "usually, the average Razor X is more (or equally) aggressive than/to the average Razor Y for the average shaver".

Please just reply back if this makes you want to change your vote.

They can't be compared IMHO. The Micro Touch One is light, but tends to bounce off of hairs. The Feather AS-D2 is heavier and cuts through them. If you press on the MTO to compensate, you will probably get bit.
I hear the AS-D2 shaves like a tech. If that's the case, then the MTO is more aggressive for me.

Ps: I think you need to update the poll to specify the BRASS Weishi. My MTO is certainly not light. It's heavier than all my non adjustable vintage gillettes.
Good point. However, I don't think I can modify a poll after creating it. This poll is almost over anyway, but if others think it created an issue, should I run this poll a second time?
This poll closes tomorrow! Currently we only have 9 votes, so any extra votes could make a big difference and definitely help to increase our confidence in this poll! Please vote if you have experience with both razors.
Final results:

Feather AS-D2 with 4 votes

Weishi with 3 votes

equally aggressive with 3 votes


The average shaver will find the average Feather AS-D2 (loaded with an average blade) to be about equally aggressive to the average Weishi TTO (also loaded with an average blade)

Many thanks to all who voted!

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