Favorite Cheap Or Affordable Colognes?

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by ChainsawShaver, Jan 18, 2019.

    Yes, that's a great shower gel.. and grab Dark Amber if you see it, also a great scent. They had a bunch on clearance as well. Might have to stop and see what's left..
  1. great deals!
  2. Joop!

    Davidoff Cool Water

    Both are pretty affordable EdTs.
  3. 80s!
  4. emwolf

    emwolf Contributor

    Vermont Country Store has a cheap knock-off of Faberge's Woodhue. I've got the original and the VCS isn't half-bad.
  5. If you like Aqua Velva Musk, you're gonna love Special Reserve. In the same ballpark but much more "tough guy". Think Sean Connery or Charles Bronson.
  6. interesting its just people say so many different things about special reserve some people called it a old man scent but hey as long as smelling like a old guy is good im down lol
  7. I understand. I am very split on this whole "old man scent" thing. On one hand, I couldn't see a guy in his 20's wearing it. It's too mature in character. At least for most young men.

    On the other hand, I think this term gets thrown around willy nilly and it's not a very fair or nauanced way of looking at things. Yeah, a classic scent on the wrong person is going to be out of place. But in reverse, a guy in his 70's wearing Halloween Man or Axe body spray is gonna have a certain creep factor as well. You know whether you can pull off a certain scent or a certain set of clothes. It depends on who you are. When you think you can pull it off and you clearly CANNOT, that's when thing get distasteful.

    Have you ever seen a pair of aviators on someone who shouldn't have them on? Have you seen a stubble beard on a guy who thinks he looks like Johnny Depp but he really just looks like a wino? Special Reserve is the same kind of thing. On the right guy it's an amazing scent. That's all there is to it.
  8. well put even if your out of place and you enjoy it what the heck who cares wear it enjoy it
  9. Bougart pour homme is one of my favorites.

    Got a big bottle of it for under $20 a couple years ago.
  10. iv never tried
  11. It's kind of a sweet cherry tobacco scent that has good strength and staying power.
  12. sounds amazing
  13. I'm a big fan of anything from Caron of Paris. Not the cheapest stuff, but certainly affordable. Best of the lot, IMHO, is Yatagan. Long lasting, distinctive and, the last time I looked, about $40 for four ounces online (hey, you only need one little spritz to feel great all day).
  14. Halston series at TJ Maxx
  15. Clubman Classic Vanilla, Stetson original, Paul Sabastian AS, Skin Bracer, Aqua Velva Classic, CVS Blade AS,Proraso Green Splash and Gillette Sensitive Gel. I think I might have to try Brut.
  16. The brut in the plastic bottle marked "cologne" is the strongest. I think it's better than the one in the glass bottle. Also, it gets better performance if you use it in combination with the one marked "aftershave". I think "Splash On" is a waste of money. You might as well not put on anything at all, it's gone so fast.
  17. I plan on trying the aftershave. Thanks
  18. I like Gabels Bay Rum too. Classic Barbershop Smell!
  19. never tried gabels looks good though

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