Favorite Cheap Or Affordable Colognes?

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by ChainsawShaver, Jan 18, 2019.

    Definitely a good one. I’ll add another that smells great but goes under the radar... Montana Black. Subjectively ugly bottle, but great smelling old school scent.
  1. August West

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    The preferred after shave of ex-wives.
  2. RazoRock aftershaves, hands down.
  3. Some of my favorites:
    1) Very inexpensive: Quorum by Antonio Puig, Brut (the big glass bottle can be had for around $25 and will last you forever), English Leather, Pino Silvestre, Malizia Uomo Vetiver.
    2) Very affordable: Azzaro pour Homme, Pour un Homme de Caron, Guerlain Vetiver, Aramis, Pierre Cardin.
    Great variety in scents in this list. I will always have Quorum and Guerlain Vetiver in my rotation.
  4. Awesome selection. I just ordered some Quorum and Aramis. I really liked Aramis when I sampled it at Sears (back when you could still do that!). The drydown lasted forever, aggresive but very pleasant.
  5. I don't have all of the ones listed below, but I do have several, & they are excellent IMO!

    Belcam cologne dupes:

    -Classic Match Polo series (Red, Green, Blue, Black, Supreme Oud)
    -Classic Match Obsession
    -Classic Match Drakkar Noir
    -Classic Match Eternity
    -Classic Match Homme (YSL L'Homme)
    -Electric Blue (Bleu de Chanel)
    -Shades of Blue (Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue)
    -Primitive Man (Dior Sauvage)
    -Nitro (Hugo)
    -G eau (Acqua Di Gio)
    -G eau Black (Acqua Di Gio Profumo)
    -Gladiator (Paco Rabanne Invictus)
    -Volatile (Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb)
    -Vault (Armani Code)
    -Oracle IX (Versace Eros)

    Other cheap colognes/dupes:
    -Nautica Blue; Voyage
    -Armaf Tres Nuit (Creed Green Irish Tweed)
    -Armaf Club de Nuit Intense (Creed Aventus)
    -Armaf Ventana (Dior Sauvage)
    -Perry Ellis 360 Red (Acqua Di Gio)
    -Beverly Hills Polo Club- Blaze (Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb)
    -Fine Accoutrements Platinum (Creed Aventus)
    -Fine Accoutrements American Blend (YSL Rive Gauche)
    -Bulgari Acqua line
    -Versace- Dreamer

    I'm just now sort of getting into the Frag world & starting off with the cheap stuff myself.
  6. Jovan Musk
    Kanon Norwegian Wood
    Primitive Man
    Classic Match Polo
    English Laundry Windsor
    Avon Black Suede
  7. jovan musk my dad has that lol
  8. I'm wearing it right now after my nightly shower! Yes, I sometimes spray around my bed with cologne. I know I can't be the only weirdo who does it.
  9. Hi gents,
    A great thread here. I don’t know a lot about aftershaves,colognes, edt etc. Probably could have bought another house on what I spent on fancy aftershaves etc over the years. Does anyone know a cheap range that can be bought in the UK. I want to shave, then use a range of products all with the same smell, maybe even a shower soap or body lotion. I like musky smells that last. Fruity ones don’t last on me at all.
    You can tell me what I should be putting on and in what rotation. Shave, then basically what goes next and where. I am over 50 so looking for that refined gent smell. Don’t mind topping it up with a quick spray once a day but no more. Come on ....... someone here has the answer .
  10. I know you have Blue Stratos in the UK, which I haven't been able to try. There's Denim, which I have heard great things about. You also have Hai Karate, which no one will send to the States, but it was amazing back in the day. I've been dying to try the new one.

    You might have Stetson, which has a deodorant and aftershave, talc once upon a time. It's one of my favorites. The deodorant is very good. The Euro original Brut in the clear glass bottle isn't so great. You'd want the one in the green plastic. It's much stronger.

    One of my favorite gentlemen scents is Royal Copenhagen. That's a good one. Very old school powdery lavender. It's subtle and perfect for someone around 40 years plus. I use it all the time. I'm 39.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I will start searching. Old spice and brut ..... damn that brings back memories. I can still remember both adverts......” splash it all over “ and also the music to Old spice with a guy riding a giant wave on a surfboard. :))
  12. Pino Silvestre is a new favorite for me - it's kind of an old-school European cologne but with more woodsy notes. And the bottle looks like a pinecone. It's not regularly available in US stores but it's around $13 on Amazon. Also I like the Pinaud aftershaves for an old-school barber smell - clubman, bay rum, etc. and they are all really reasonable. Murray & Lanman's Florida Water has been produced since 1808 and is a nice super inexpensive cologne/aftershave.
  13. Just picked up the Belcam Nitro (Hugo) clone which I really enjoy!
  14. Thanks for that.
  15. Brut and Old Spice have been reformulated into pale shades of what they used to be, unfortunately. Brut is still pretty good, but the vintage has this whole other dimension to it. Old spice is very soft now. You can read pages and pages on this forum of people longing for the old Shulton formula. It's a shame.

    If you want quality and to take advantage of your UK locality, Denim might just be the thing. A lot of us can't get it, or have a hard time getting it.
  16. 'Captain Joe' from Black Ship Grooming is my new favourite. Very long lasting & affordable.
  17. il have to check it out!
  18. Bhugo

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    Love it. Put it on evenings at home too.
  19. +1.
    My favs are Yatagan and Le 3' Homme de Caron.

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