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    Streamlines (and maybe Jewels, who knows) had slightly different handles depending on when they were made. Some had thinner necks (and different holes in the blade bed). If you search the forum you'll find the answer; I think the narrow-necked handles were earlier and the thicker ones later but I'm relying solely on memory here.
  1. Both my Streamline and Jewel are of the later 1950s vintage. The earlier 1930s version had differences as you've summarized. I can't remember which had the thicker handle either.
  2. This is the other one I’m waiting on. This one is what I think to be one of the first gens of streamlines which had the larger lather catcher openings on the bottom. Can’t really tell in the pictures so I will have to see if there are differences in the handles once it’s here.
  3. Yup, that's the early 1930s model. The lather holes and the lack of tiny holes behind the guard are a dead giveaway. Nice score.
  4. Thank you my friend.
  5. I find it interesting these were being manufactured in the 1950's when the Micromatic, G Bar, and soon to arrive Push Button models were available from GEM.

    Nice and informative thread. Thank you.:)
  6. I think they were marketed in Great Britain and the Commonwealth, not sure about Canada, and not the US. Any that found there way over here most likely came back with military personnel returning from overseas postings or travelers. Ever Ready was strictly a UK operation by the 50s. Those classy ER 1912 bathroom sets were produced into the 50s too, long after production ceased here. Different markets. There were ER Heavy Flat Tops and Featherweights produced in Britain.
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  7. That's great to know; thank you.
  8. So. I found one, the GEM. I paid more for the family dinner last night.
  9. No way, that’s awesome!
  10. Hopefully one day I will find one too.
  11. Found the GEM Jewel, currently on its way to me. My first gen Streamline arrived today not as minty as my other one but it’s not beat up either, will surely be more of the daily driver.
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  12. So I was lucky enough to get all three versions of this razor (not including the gold one which I assume is almost impossible to get).

    From L-R

    *Ever Ready streamline Gen 1
    *Ever Ready streamline Gen 2
    *GEM Jewel

    The GEN 1 streamline has larger lather ports on the bottom of the head and is also missing the smaller front “slits” (more noticeable in the second picture) and a notch on the rear of the head in comparison to the GEN 2. Handle width appears to be the same with these two.

    The GEM jewel has a similar head design as the GEN 2 but the handle on this one is noticeably thicker. Just thought I’d share.


  13. :a14:
  14. BMWRider

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    Now I have another GEM/Ever-Ready to chase. That is half the fun of this hobby. Those are nice looking razors.
  15. Thank you my friend.

    I completely agree with you on this, thank you bud.
  16. Very nice and also great to see all three together for comparison
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    Very nice collection you have accumulated, I purchased my first 2nd generation streamline. At first I thought I had a 1930's 1st generation because of the automatic strop handle but they were still making them in the 1950's models and they also made just the Razor model because blades must of been perfected by then.
    Have some great shaves!
  18. Thank you my friend. Yeah I didn’t know there were many variances to this razor but it is really interesting and I’ve learned a lot on it. There are other guys on here that are experts on this, I just shared thoughts based on a noobs perspective of the razor. There are other differences I’ve spotted in the head design the more I look at them but nothing earth shattering. I will say though, I feel the GEN 2 is just slightly the better shaver.

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