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1924 ER Shovel head razor question pertaining to the GEM PTFE blade

Can any of the Shovel head guru’s like Rocketman, Ron R and others; you know who you, help me with the following questions:

The 1924 ER Shovel head was one of the first SE’s to be designed and equipped to handle a modern SE blade like their GEM SS PTFE, correct?

That year did GEM? Ever Ready? or the combined company come out with the “modern PTFE” blade? They were a blade company; not a razor company, correct?

My understanding is that in the early 20’s GEM/Ever Ready wanted to break away from consumers stropping blades so that they could open the market to their “modern” blade?

After the Shovel head every SE made by GEM/Ever Ready used their new blade?

The hole in my question is, how then were 1912 razor series and the 1914 compatible with “modern” PTFE blades?

The only razors I use are SE Ever Ready’s. I only own two ER’s.

-1924 ER Shovel head
-ER 1912

Thank you for your time. Continue to use the best razor and blade combination ever made IMHO, and continue enjoy your shaves.
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