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Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by mdwolfie86, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. Ron R

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    You are the second person to mention that 2nd generation is a little more forgiving possibly. In a couple of weeks should be finding out how it performs. I bought it from England and has to come over the big pond.
    Thanks again.
  2. There is a double and single set on Etsy I noticed.
  3. BMWRider

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    I had to do it, picked up the single set tonight. I love the look.
  4. How aggressive are these razors guys? They are seriously beautiful!
  5. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  6. Ron R

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    This fellow owns one, its the Eveready streamline Ambassador and its hard to tell how aggressive its is. Mark is a cool fellow and easy going and has done some research into the streamline.
  7. Sod it. I just purchased this. I hope its in good condition - pictures can be deceiving.

  8. Looks nice so far. Let us know when you get it.
  9. Was that the one on Etsy? Very nice set. Congratulations.
  10. The Streamline is one of the few razors still missing on my "hunting" list. Because of the steep prices, I'm looking for an "Ambassador", AKA the single set, I don't care for the stropper but I admit the full set is so damn good looking and a nice possession to have.

    I added some legends on the beautiful @mdwolfie86 's photo for an easier and more immediate comparison between the various models:
  11. Ron R

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    I was looking at that set also, very nice indeed and shows you like what we all see is a beautiful rare razor and I might mention a different and even more rare case possibly. At the price of new high end modern razors you have almost a new vintage high end razor from the looks of it, people in those days looked after a special razor like that its seems from other photo,s of quality, their offspring might of had a different perception on the importance of a razor like that as time went by than their folks in those days when they were looking to purchase a razor. (THAT WAS THE BEST THEY COULD POSSIBLY MFG UNTIL CHEAP PLASTIC RAZOR's OVER WHELMED US ALL)
    ENJOY, and have some great shaves!
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  12. I was lucky to find mine in the wild, in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. It was inside an old Auto Strop metal box, sitting on a shelf, I actually bought it for the box, that I wanted to put my push button Auto Strop in. These razors seem to hold their condition very well, as I've never even seen a picture of a 'ratty' one, and the shave is amazing. For C$20 I did pretty well. Now I know mine is second generation, thanks for that! Here's the gratuitous Streamline porn,
  13. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    Good for you, I paid a lot more for mine and we are not all that fortunate to have one just to pick off the shelf locally.
    It was meant to be, I also have picked up other razors when travelling and gotten good deals and at least you had a great deal and did not hesitate before some other lucky person scooped it up.
  14. Love seeing these rare razors, all. :)
  15. BMWRider

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    Well I had my first experience with the prettiest (in my opinion) razor I own. It arrived from Etsy yesterday, so it went to the front of the rotation. I shaved with it and let's just say it is not nearly forgiving as the Gem offerings I usually use (MMs, Lather Catchers) or even the Schick/PALs I use. It is obvious to me that even though I have been wet shaving a long time, I have gotten lazy using very forgiving tools. It is stunningly pretty but today I saw "red stuff" on my face, it has been years since that happened. So the moral, light hands, watch your angles (especially on your neck) and take your time. I will post pictures soon but wanted to jump in with my initial thoughts. I will probably go right back to it. Also, of note I used a brand new blade, makes me think shave #2 will be much better. Pictures soon.
  16. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    Maybe it's like the first time using a GEM it takes a few shaves to dial it in, so it's a little more aggressive than a clog pruf I take it.
  17. I’m not sure what blades you used but I found that the coated GEM blades worked best for me, it took me about three strokes my first use to find the angle but once I did it was smooth sailing. I’ve shaved with it maybe a handful of times and my shaves have all been enjoyable. Just give it some time, find the angle and try shorter strokes to start. I also noticed that the blades that came with it from the Etsy shop were a tad more aggressive than the coated GEM blades I purchased from Bullgoose. They look identical but I think the ones provided are uncoated..
  18. BMWRider

    BMWRider Contributor

    I used the Gem PTFEs, it certainly wasn't the blade, it was me.

    That is my opinion, but I could have screwed up. I'll let you know this week.
  19. I don't think I own a better made razor. I consider my Streamline to pretty much be the Rolls Royce of my razor collection.
  20. It arrived. I opened the box, admired its stunning beauty and craftsmanship (best razor I've ever had the pleasure of holding in my hand - this thing is sexy!), loaded a PTFE blade and started shaving.

    I was nervous as I had read on here and other threads that the Streamline was aggressive. Well you can see the blade (a lot of it) certainly feel the blade (a lot), and you can most definitely HEAR the blade (purrs like an MG Spitfire)…...but.

    OMG. Smoothest, most efficient, safest and most pleasurable shave I have ever had. Period. BBS in less than 2 passes (the 2nd pass was half pass half touch-up).

    Comparing it to other SE's:

    AC razors that I have tried (Vector, Mongoose, ATT SE1,) Streamline is smoother and more efficient, and WAY more fun to use.
    GEM's that I have tried (Clog Pruf, Bullet Tip, G-Bar, Featherweight) - Streamline is smoother and more efficient, and WAY more fun to use.
    Injectors that I have tried (Type E, Type G, Type I and Type L) - Streamline is smoother and more efficient, and WAY more fun to use.

    I have a GEM Junior, Schick Type I Eversharp and a GEM MMOC on the way, and will test those out - but they will have to be otherworldly to beat out the Streamline. Big, MASSIVE new fan here. Ive just switched over from DE shaving, where the Gillette Aristocrat #21 was the most beautiful and best razor I have ever used/owned. It now has an equal.

    Oh, and did I say it was beautiful...…..


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