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    Great to see you happy with your new purchase of a streamline, nothing better than a happy camper.
    Have some great shaves!
  2. Ron R

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    Just received my 1st Everready 2nd Gen Streamline razor & Strop set without case and is very nice considering the age, a little brassing in the front part of the guard and I was expecting some normal wear. Sanitized & cleaned with New blade in and ready to have my shave tomorrow. [​IMG]
    Have some great shaves!
  3. Happy Streamline shave Ron!
  4. :a14: Happy Shaves all.
  5. Awesome! I hope you everyone has an excellent shave.
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    Well I had my first shave with the Streamline razor and it was a good shave, very close. Started with a brand new Gem Personna SS PTFE (1) and it delivered a BBs and it's indicating a very efficient razor also. The audio on the whiskers getting chopped is very nice to hear(scraping toast) and it indicates the little rascals are still there on the second pass ATG. I did a 2 pass with a cleanup pass and it delivered what I was expecting for a shave. I had a small weeper from a pimple it sheared off like any razor would do unless a extremely mild aggression razor.
    The Razor was manufactured in England and went through 2 generations and some are very rare to find like the GEM Jewel that I do not own but they do exist and this is about as close to acquiring one for now.
    [​IMG] A Gem Jewel, rare and can be a little expensive if you come a cross one.
    Here is some great pictures of the differences that were made of the Everready Streamline razor models over the decades of time, Very attractive razor.
    @mdwolfie86 has a beautiful collection of Everready & Gem Jewel Streamine razor and he gave me permission to show the models over the decades they were MFG.
    Have some great shaves!
  7. The reason You don't see "ratty" Streamlines is because of their heavy "chromium" plating. They were indeed one of the highest quality built razors of all time.
    In the words of Ever-Ready:
    "The frame of the new Ever-Ready is a marvel of mechanical construction, indestructible in years of ordinary use, devoid of all delicate parts. It is the most costly frame to produce known to safety razors and we guarantee it for 10 full years in the knowledge that it will serve a lifetime.
    Made of heavy brass, heavily chromium plated and self-adjusting to the precise shaving position with the closing of the cover. The handle is solid and heavy and furnishes a good non-slip grip. It is a pleasure to use."

    I understand the first iteration was introduced on the market in time with Christmas 1939. The only two print-ads I have found are dated December 2nd, 1939. It is unknown if they suddenly stopped production because of WWII or, like someone has speculated, the Ever-Ready factory was bombed during the Nazi air raids.

    One of the two new "Ever-Ready Razor Set" print ads dating December 1939.

    I always believed that the name "Streamline" was reserved for the double set that included the stropper, and "Ambassador" was the name of the single set. The following picture proved me wrong:

    A last word on the elusive "Jewel". Both Ever-Ready and Gem produced their "Jewel" model starting from 1949.
    The Ever-Ready is absolutely identical to the Streamline and Ambassador while the Gem, intended for the Commonwealth market, has a slightly thicker handle.
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  8. Great information, thanks. I will be looking for (and purchasing if I find) a 'Jewel', a 1st gen 'Streamline' and a 2nd gen in the single box, if I can find them. They will purely be for collector purposes, as I will be using my 2nd gen (the dark double bakelite box with strop and tool) as my daily driver, probably for the rest of my life.
  9. Seems that you are loving this type of razor a lot. Do you have any other gem razors
  10. Own: G-Bar, Bullet Tip
    Sold (too aggressive): Clog Pruf
    Arriving TODAY in the mail: GEM Junior, MMOC
  11. I like MMOC but I find it too aggressive if I am not careful. But it is an fantastic shaver.

    I am considering Bullet Tip actually.
  12. Yeah, I've read a lot about the MMOC aggressiveness. I'm taking a risk for sure, but I've also heard so many good things about it. Worth a try I'd say.

    I actually ordered 4 razors in one day, the Streamline is of course already here and used, and a MMOC, GEM Junior and Schick Hydromatic Injector Type I are all out for delivery to my mail box today! :(
    Yeah, I've read a lot about the MMOC aggressiveness. I'm taking a risk for sure, but I've also heard so many good things about it. Worth a try I'd say.

    The Bullet Tip is mild to mid aggressive! I have one and like it.

    I actually ordered 4 razors in one day, the Streamline is of course already here and used, and a MMOC, GEM Junior and Schick Hydromatic Injector Type I are all out for delivery to my mail box today! :(
  13. I really fail to understand why the MMOC is considered aggressive. Once you get the muscle memory, it shaves as well as the user allows.

    I’d guess with three to five days growth, it would mow it down better than DE and might not clog as bad as an Injector.
  14. I've never experienced the MMOC as an aggressive razor. Can't explain others' reaction to it
  15. Yeah and hope I didn’t come across as a PITA. Just don’t want to see anyone scared away.
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    The MMOC is not a aggressive razor, but if you go steep on the angle your going into forbidden area of good hand technique and it will bite you and you will not like the shave. I shaved with the MMOC for 14 days straight and had no issues and the shaves were all excellent IMO. The Streamline is of different design and the blade can flex more because it does not have support underneath it and can flex up to .015 thousands(Blade gap .015 thousands of a inch) until it has made contact with it's safety bar teeth before it bottoms. All the GEM 1912 & ER 1914 & ER 1924 have similar issue with lack of underneath blade support, in fact almost all DE razors have similar overhang issues with no underneath support yet they still perform well.
    Gem procedure (2).jpg
    Have some great shaves!
  17. To all those posters above regarding the MMOC aggressiveness - yes, I don't like aggressive, but the general consensus on here is that with the right technique, its not, and that intrigues me, so I ordered it. I don't want my shaves to be easy, or way to mild, but I do want them to be smooth and not be uncomfortable - I like to experiment with the razor, find out the angle, speed and direction which best suits my face - have fun basically. I LOVE razors that are fun to use (its why my two favorites are the British Aristocrat #21 and the Ever Ready Streamline.)
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    Folks over at the TSD are really enjoying this photo you fellows have taken and added some of those important dates and slight mentions of changes over the years. I'm sure they are enjoying them here also but B&B does not have a like or unlike to click on a thread or personal view. Great job fellows!
  19. Sorry, but that diagram is not complete. I have a no-notch Streamline and a thin handled GEM. My Streamline and Jewel are identical; they have the same no-notch configuration and same 15/32" handle diameter.
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    You are one of the the lucky fellows who also owns a GEM Streamline Jewel, my Everready also does not have the notch in the cap stop and there must of been variances or equipment got damaged while MFG and that little indent would make it more expensive to make a new punch die possibly. When knurling the Diameter increases as the metal is formed to its new shape so maybe that can explain small differences because I was journeyman Machinist and I know a little about these sort of issues. Those pictures are from another collection of @mdwolfie86 and not of mine and he has even a more rare Everready Streamline possibly.
    Have some great shaves!

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