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    I’ve not tried too many SE razors but the ones I’ve tried are the Schick injector, Cobra Classic and the One Blade. I never tried any other GEM type SE’s because I always thought the head was too large to seem practical (but I’ve always thought they looked great in SOTD shots ). The Schick injector gave me a good shave and I can’t find a reason to complain about it as it is an awesome little razor but it didn’t wow me, it felt similar to what I’ve experienced before and this was my first shot at SE’s. I’m normally a DE shaver and wanted to branch out so next I tried the Cobra Classic, again good shave but not impressed. The heads are just too large for me on these AC blade razors. Maybe I was subconsciously not being wowed because of my preference to DE’s but I was trying to find one that would just change my perspective. So came in the One Blade, while the shave for me was actually pretty great, I decided it was too similar to a modern cartridge razor as far as feel. Not exactly, but there were some similarities. A year or so passed and finally decided that I give the streamline a chance and I am so glad I did. The shave is unlike I’ve experience before, I’m no expert in using SE’s so it took me two strokes to find the angle and once I did, it was absolutely positively excellent. A two pass shave gave me one of the best shaves I’ve ever gotten, so smooth and so effortlessly. I was stunned by this. I’m seriously bummed I’m just now getting personally acquainted with it but it has surely won its place in my rotation. So Anyhoo, I appreciate you taking the time to check out my rambling. I hope you have a great day.
  1. Forgot to mention that the blades I used were the GEM/Personna coated stainless.
  2. Not only does it give a good shave, but is also a thing of beauty and built like a tank.
  3. You my friend are one lucky guy. Streamlines are not easy (or inexpensive) to come by, and GEM-type SE shaves are (IMHO) truly superb!!! So welcome to the SE club....and if you have a predilections towards RAD...good luck!!! There are many different Gem-type SE razors, and (again, IMHO) they all have varying "shave personalities, but they all deliver fantastic shaves (at least the ones I've tried -- Micromatics, 1912 (Damaskeene), 1924 Ever Ready, Kampfe Bros Lather Catcher, Gem Junior Bar (also a lather catcher), Gem Heavy Flat Top (aka G-bar)...etc.
  4. It truly is and the name fits it so well, the beauty is truly in its simplistic appearance but it is so much more than that. I love it all around.
  5. Thank you. It really did get my RAD to act up once again. That Jr is really giving me the itch.
  6. Thought I’d post it in all its glory.

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    An absolute masterpiece...
  8. I most certainly agree. I always thought it was a beautiful razor but who knew it would perform as good as it looks.
  9. I’m about to click on this link. Surely looking forward to it. Thank you.
  10. Oh crap I want the Jewel variant now. I love that thick handle on it. Who has one that I can take off their hands. :p
    But seriously though...
  11. I know that to reproduce an old razor is not an easy task by all means, but is this one even harder to reproduce? I only ask because there have been reproductions of old razors that have come into the market and if a razor such as the streamline is so well loved why not try do it? Thoughts..?
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    oh no, a new razor to find!
  13. Yup! The RAD is bad now.
  14. Found me a Jewel masquerading as a streamline.
  15. Thank you my friend.
  16. I have both an Ever-Ready Streamline and a GEM Jewel and the handles are identical. The only difference I see are the name stamps under the baseplate.
  17. Really? I could’ve swore I read somewhere that the jewel had a slightly thicker handle... I could’ve misunderstood. I’m new to the SE game, I’ll catch on LOL. But there is also a variant of the Ever Ready which has larger lather catchers right? I believe it was the earlier model. Thanks for sharing this pic, that GEM sure is cool.

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