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    Hey bud beautiful razors! Would you mind measuring the center of both the handles’ necks on these two lovelies?
  1. Rudyt keeps always rare razors.
  2. I don’t have a working caliper so I pulled out my wife’s kitchen scale to see weight differences. First up shown here is the GEM Jewel coming in at 49g

    Streamline Gen2 39g

    Gem Jewel stropper handle 41g

    Ever Ready Streamline Gen2 stropper handle.

    The GEM jewel handle is significantly heavier than the Streamline Gen2. I’m not sure if this is the case for all the GEM Jewels but I read another post that stated this difference which led me to my journey of seeking out the Jewel only to find out it was true (on my end) I imagine that some razors could’ve got out with different sized handles or the handles could’ve at one point been swapped out with their respective stropper handles due to damage, who really knows. As far as the notch on the Streamline Gen2 and the GEM Jewel, niether of them have it. Only the Gen1 as seen below:

    Gen2 and Jewel have no notch.
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    To add or settle some of the confusion I measured up my 2nd Generation Streamline handles and concluded as was sent to me from previous owner the set up that came in the package.
    Strop handle weight:47 grams (1.6 oz)
    Razor handle weight:39 grams (1.3 oz)

    Strop handle knob end Diam: .539 inches(13.73 mm)
    Razor handle knob end Diam: .527 inches(13.40 mm)

    Strop handle main knurl area Diam: .467 inches(11.87 mm)
    Razor handle main knurl area Diam: .456 (11.58 mm)

    Strop handle length excluding the thread length : 2.824 inches (71.73 mm)
    Razor handle length excluding the thread length : 2.811 inches (71.40 mm)

    Strop handle smallest neck Diam: .272 inches (6.92 mm)
    Razor handle smallest neck Diam: .234 inches (5.96 mm)

    So if a person wants more weight and has the strop & razor as a pair you can swap for the heavier of the two handles, I was over at The Cult of Streamline - Streamline & Jewel owners and weights vary from my set so Everready QC tells me that they were forgiving on tolerances which all mass produced products have + or - tolerances.
    Streamline handles (2).jpg
    You can defiantly see the neck Diameter size differences.
    Have some great shaves!
  4. Great write up!
  5. I just purchased this :) I have a 2nd Gen. Streamline strop set in the brown bakelite case, but this single one in the box looks absolutely gorgeous, I couldn't resist it. And if its as good as it looks in the pictures, Ill be selling my 2nd Gen. strop set on BST.

    Also, for those looking for one of these incredible razors, there are a couple for sale.

    On one website there is a 1st Gen. Strop Set (cream bakelite case) which looks real nice, and there is an elusive Gem Jewel Streamline (also in a cream bakelite case). Its pricy and I nearly bought it.....but it does not look like its in mint condition - and at the price its going for it needs to be.

    And the other website there is a 2nd Gen Strop Set (cream bakelite case) and a 2nd Gen Strop Set (single razor in green box) - both look in OK condition.

    s-l1600.jpg s-l16002.jpg s-l16003.jpg s-l16004.jpg
  6. I lately got 1950s streamline as NOS. But unfortunately, I have not got used to.
    When I compare it to DE razors, I am not able to get as BBS shave as these DEs.
    Hope I can get used to. I used GEM/Personna, it was not sharp enough for me.
    Do you have any recommendations for GEM blades? I recently got PTFE blades, and Treet. Not used yet.

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  8. Ron R

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    If it where myself I would the use the GEM SS PTFE on a milder razor for a couple of shaves because they are one of the sharpest blades man can MFG, if you want smoothness from what others are claiming the Treet blade is one of the best and make sure you tap dry the blade afterwards because it will rust a bit possibly. I found my Streamline aggressive with reasonable efficiency.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Have some great shaves!
  9. PTFE blade. Plenty sharp enough. As Ron R says above....its an aggressive razor. Generally I do not like aggressive razors, but the Streamline(s) is SO smooth, SO beautiful to look at and SO efficient - I use it daily.

    GREAT looking razor you have there though. If you don't like it, let me know :001_cool:

    • First shave with a new PTFE. Take good care, they are sharp. I have dialed in the angle perfectly for the Streamline not to be too sharp/aggressive - keep the top cap almost flush against the face.
    • The next 6-7 shaves are all perfect. Aggressive, smooth, BBS after 2 passes every time. You can play around with the angle more too, to get more/less aggressive in certain areas of your face. its a FUN razor to use.
    • The last few shaves for me, shaves 8-10 become quite mild. I replace the blade after 10 uses.
    Its my favorite razor. Period.
  10. Thanks a lot for the replies.
    I will next use Treet blade and next shave will try PTFE.
    Hope I can enjoy it.
  11. I did shave same as DE razors. I think that is why I did not get smooth shave.
    I will try shallower next time. Thanks a lot, it really helped.
  12. I, like the others am finding the gem blade in the streamline gives a wonderful shave. I find the one difference between DE and SE shaves is that SE relies more on a slick lather. Perhaps its the angle and size of the head? Stick with the gem blade and streamline and you'll be rewarded.

  13. The Treet blade is carbon steel and will rust if not taken out, wiped and dried between shaves.
  14. I shaved with Treet blade and shallower angle.
    It is definitely much more efficient than my previous shaves with Streamline. I feel now it is an aggressive razor.
    I removed the blade and dried out not to get rust.
    I have to get a bit more practice with Treet blade, before I use PTFE.

    Before your comments, I was thinking to sell the razor.
    After this shave, it is pretty good razor and it should definitely stay on my den.

    Thanks a lot for your replies, it really helped.
  15. Why do I have an impression that the streamline is based on a 1912 design? I wonder how would a 1912 model shave with a streamline handle too.
  16. Glad to see that one went to a good home - I was so sorely tempted. That razor, and the PTFE blade is capable of amazing shaves, without feeling like you've been flayed.

    "I wonder how would a 1912 model shave with a streamline handle too."

    I'll give it a shot in the morning. The handles interchange, so I'll be able to do a half and half side by side test.
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  17. After a long hiatus from DE/SE shaving in general, I shaved with my Streamline today -
    I’ve never been able to get the level of shave others here have reported using it to be honest,
    but today was different, everything just clicked and my face is BBS…

    Great razor + I can finally see why it has the rep it does.
    The result was a quality of shave that I’ve only experienced using a Cobra Classic…

    Close shave similar to my 2011 R41, but exactly as you say sir, don't feel flayed!! :)
  18. I don't use any other razor these days. Its a sublime instrument, and I absolutely love it. Once a PTFE blade reaches about 4-5 uses, it becomes the smoothest, most efficient and most pleasurable shaving experience possible for my face.

    Im selling one on BST right now, but Only because I own 4 more of them!
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    Looks like it's in rough condition, not your style. I can shoot you an offer. lol

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