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Do you ride cap or bar?

I have a Muhle R89 & a Phoenix Artisan plastic open comb slant. I've always been using a steep angle riding the guard. I discovered while using the PA plastic that the plastic cap is super slippery when wet. So, I started riding it and the results were amazing. So then I started riding it with the Muhle and for me I find the cap having so much more surface, with light pressure, it feels more stable and is easier to control. Gives me really close first passes. When I occasionally do a third pass, I bring it in and ride the guard. All feels like the sweet spot for me. I guess there's also a more neutral position where you're just blade riding. What do you other gents do?
I ride the cap with my mildest razor, a King C. Gillette, during my final touch-up pass. Allows delivery of a BBS shave with this razor. No need with my moderately aggressive Weishi Long Handle.
I can't remember which I am using with my GC.84P any more , it just "works" — brilliantly.

It was not always thus, but that's another story on another thread.

I can say I rode the cap on WTG cheek shaving today, but then, wouldn't most people? I'm not sure if there's anything to be gained from using a steep angle there.
I'm a dedicated steep angle shaver (guard rider) and SASA member.

Shaving shallow (riding the cap) pushes the skin up in front of the blade. This makes it a piece of cake for the blade to lop off any "bumps" or other skin irregularities. (It's no wonder so many people complain of irritation/razor burn/etc. :001_rolle)

Shaving steep (riding the guard) smooths the skin in front of the blade. A great way to reduce damage, blood, and irritation IMO.

Bear in mind that the difference between steep and shallow angles is only a few measly degrees on most razors (with a few exceptions, notably the iKon Tek).

I reckon King Gillette knew a bit about shaving. See the second WAY in the photo below:

That's my two cents. Take it or leave it. :001_tt2:
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