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Do you ride cap or bar?

I have a Muhle R89 & a Phoenix Artisan plastic open comb slant. I've always been using a steep angle riding the guard. I discovered while using the PA plastic that the plastic cap is super slippery when wet. So, I started riding it and the results were amazing. So then I started riding it with the Muhle and for me I find the cap having so much more surface, with light pressure, it feels more stable and is easier to control. Gives me really close first passes. When I occasionally do a third pass, I bring it in and ride the guard. All feels like the sweet spot for me. I guess there's also a more neutral position where you're just blade riding. What do you other gents do?


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Neither. I try to work between them.

The best analogy I can give, is to consider the cap and comb as like stabilisers (training wheels) on a kids bike. They're there to catch you if you lean too far one way or the other, but the aim is to not need them. Intentionally loading them, means far more chance of the main wheel leaving the road (i.e. blade leaving the skin).
Usually the cap. More acute blade angle = more efficient slicing. But every razor is different. Ultimately, I go by feeling - as long as the razor feels like it is working efficiently and not scraping or tugging, I am happy.
First pass, I tend to like a steeper blade angle so I'm riding closer to the bar. I think that might be because my whiskers tend to lay flatter, against my skin. But in my later passes, across and against the grain, my face seems to appreciate a shallow blade angle so I'm usually riding the cap.
I tend to ride the bar more than the cap since I find it more comfortable. I have tried riding the cap a bit more for the final pass on my cheeks since that seems to help get a smooth shave.
I usually try for a more neutral shaving angle (aka the sweet spot). This generally gives the greatest blade exposure. Keeping the guard at least lightly in contact with the face can help to stretch the skin in advance of the blade. That leads to a smoother shave and less chance of a nick. At least, that's my take on it.
As @ShavingPrimate would put it, it's about what the razor wants, not what you want.

With mild razors, I'd say both are touching, intended neutral angle.

With more aggressive razors that can accommodate it, I err on the shallow end, but not exactly dragging the cap either.
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I listen to the razor. I don’t pay attention to bar or cap.

Every razor has an optimal angle, I go for that. There’s always a little margin of course.
I just go with the angle that works. The one exception might be the Rockwell 6C, the cap of which is super slick. I guess I ride the cap on that one. I don't know. I just shave. This is not a comment or criticism on the OP's point at all ... I don't give it much thought. I just use the angle for each razor that works.
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