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Stando Chors

Jaga with unprotected blades I don't recommend it for daily shaving
Chors you can also shave on a daily basis, it remains an effective razor and depends on how your skin holds up 🙂
Thank you. Sounds like Jaga is not what I’m looking for then. I like to shave every day and want my razors to be efficient enough to provide close, comfortable daily shaves. Jaga may be too much razor then. Chors is probably at the top end of being a daily shaver.
So I have a few shaves with the Chors now and decided to change out to my Blackbird Ti for this mornings shave to see how similar (or different) the shave and results are compared to the Chors. The Blackbird has more blade feel for sure and is a tad less smooth during the shave, but I really like the shave experience while using the Bird. End results are a close second to the Chors. Just a bit more prickles felt on my neck that just aren't there with the Chors. Could be me, but I try my best to shave the same each day....4 pass with touch ups. They are close in performance...if the efficiency of the BB is say 7, then the Chors is 7.5. If blade feel of the BB is say 4, then the Chors is a 3...if that makes any sense.

Love my Blackbird Ti and SS, but for closeness and smoothness, the Chors is on top of my razor hierarchy (at the moment).

Next I will see how the Chors does against my Yates H Ti (or Stainless) as that is my (or maybe was) my second favorite DE.
Beware of your Chors, it could be demonic possession. You seem bedazzled, @gdawg55. :wink2:
I also love it, but damn, why satin, would so much prefer machined. But the Standos are all satinized.
Yes, I would also prefer a machined finish, but surprisingly the satin glides just fine. I could be bedazzled, but what a great performing razor.
I have a number of Standos including the Stando Chors in my collection, and I love that razor (all of them actually). However, the Mokosz is maybe a smidgen better (YMMY). To me it is milder than the Chors, but is more efficient. If I had to choose only one (and thankfully I don't) I would probably pick then Moskosz over the Chors. I am very, very impressed and satisfied with everything I have gotten from Stando (especially at the price). I'm even starting to like SATIN....

Did somebody try Mokosz? I ordered limited in AL but there is still avaliable limited in Copper. From reviews it should be close to Chors, less gap but stil positiv blade exposure. Will see.

Edit: Looks like I took last AL Mokosz and Copper is also out of stock…
Mokosz is one of the recent models produced by Stanislaw, and it is also the razor that he himself is using for his shaves
Stando is probably one of the best values out there right now, along with Shield in terms of price and quality and originality. I have a few (too many) and everyone was surprisingly good. I guess at some point I shouldn't be surprised, but I am 70...

Standos in the back 2 racks, rest are Shields.

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How is the Shield SE(half blades)? I am thinking of buying it. Thanks!
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