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do you listen to music while shaving?

in another thread, someone mentioned listening to music while shaving. I got curious and searched the iTunes store. 311 songs mention shaving. I was blown away :):)

and there are at least 4 books, including "The Art of Shaving" and one on Shaving and the Bible; 54 iTunes U Episodes by American Safety Razor, Shulton and Gillette (looks to be mostly TV commercials).

so, post your shaving playlists :):):)

I get that some folks like to listen to music or talk radio during their shave.

Personally I really enjoy the "song" of the blade, the splish of water in the basin and the music of the brush stroking lather.

I had a Django Reinhardt CD on for about a half hour before I started shaving with my 1930 New. In the middle of the shave, I realized that the music and the CD were from the same time period. It was very cool. The music was playing in another room and wasn't too loud so, I was still able to hear the stubble being plowed down. I usually shave in the morning and don't get around to turning on the tunes. I don't think I would put any Slayer on while shaving but, nice background music would be OK.
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I used to listen to the radio back in my cartridge days when I just wanted the shave over with.

When I first started with a DE I turned the radio off to hear the cutting while I was learning to set the angle. Now I've gotten used to the quiet and the pleasant routine.
I listen to the song Domino the Destitute when I shave with my Domino shave cream. The song is a new song by the Band Coheed and Cambria.
I don't really like any noise. I try to make the cutting sound as prevalent as possible.
+1 I like to listen to the music of my razor shearing those whiskers to a BBS face! :biggrin1: In a way it's some quite time for me too. I enjoy the serenity of quiet while shaving. I can listen to music any old time. Seems like there's always music in the background anyways.
In the morning it's NPR if I'm ready to listen to anything. if I have to get rid of a 5 o'clock shadow it's Grand Funk Railroad's "I'm Your Captain/Closer to Home." Ten minutes ten seconds is plenty of time for a going-out-for-the-evening shave.
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