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Contest Corona style


I’m in.
Being a Paramedic on the “front lines” I’m surprised about the amount of misinformation is still circulating about COVID.
I'm in.

I was surprised by how well people adapted and the vast amount of existing resources to help keep us connect even though many of us had to isolate/stay-at-home. Our family has used zoom meeting to keep visually in touch. Our church went from church building only services to livestreaming and drive-ins for services and special group meetings. So many options and youtube videos to help learn these things. The office where I work equipped us with VPN enabled laptops while setting up group pages to post messages on, etc. Things are slowly opening back up (YAY for haircuts and the availability of tp - no more banana leaves!!) but many of these new means will remain in place.
I’m in. In the last two months I’ve been surprised by all of the thoughtful gestures and kindness that people have shown to strangers. Good examples are The Captain’s gift, leaving signs and sidewalk messages for postal employees and delivery drivers, random signs planted on the grass of highways for truck drivers, birthday drive by caravans, and neighbors cooking and delivering meals for Senior Citizens. The great spirit of kindness shown throughout this time has been a blessing during tough times. I hope we remember and continue with random acts of kindness when things get back to a more normal state.
I'm in.
I am surprised of the amount of people that buy into conspiracy crap,
before this i just heard of them, now it seems to be all around me.
Thanks, Captain! I'm in.

I'm surprised how much my Airedale puppy, Riley, has changed since my wife and I have been home all this time. She's gotten very sweet and less jumpy. What's the old adage? "I wish I were half the man my dog thinks I am." Pretty sure she wants us to stay home all the time now. I think all pets suffer from some level of separation anxiety.

I’m in

2 things in particular surprised me:

The amazing creativity of people in coping with the need to stay at home. From restaurants converting to curbside delivery to the “isolation” packages from our local cheese shop to the cottage industry in mask creation to some of the adaptations made by the medical community

The second was what looked like an invasion of the Michigan capital. In looked a lot like the attempted coup d’etat in 1981 in Spain. That is an unnerving thing to see
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Nooooo, not THAT Corona. :c9:

This contest has to do with the world as we find it today. It all can seem upside down and yet here we are. So why not embrace it for what it is? That is the motivation for this most recent contest. This is for CONUS only please. We just recently released the rest of our new product line, Nor'easter, so the three winners (did I say THREE WINNERS?) will be able to choose one item from that line and it will be shipped to them pronto.

From our site:

Originating in the North Atlantic, Nor’easters thrive and pick up strength from the cold air in the atmosphere. Making landfall they bring snow and deliver a blast of cold air to the New England states. With this as inspiration, we have created a product line with a masculine base note - amber, spicy berry, lavender, citrus - topped off with a blast of menthol.

Here are the selections for you to pick from:

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Here is how to enter for a chance to win. Simply answer the question, "What has surprised you about life this past two months?"

The winners will all be drawn by random.org after the contest runs a bit. Good luck to each of you!

If you haven't already, consider subscribing to our youtube channel. There are some cool behind the scenes videos of how Captain's Choice products are made, product reviews, interviews of The Captain, and more. Captain's Choice - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKGrM3XulZ51IzDpR6pvuQA

~ The Captain
I'm totally surprised that this country is so full of blind sheep. And loosing freedom just because the government says something that's not even as bad as the flu is going to kill the world? The flu kills more people and we don't close the world every flu season. Wake up!

Brian C.

I'm in for the soap or cream.

The biggest thing that has surprised me is that my life didn't change at all. Being in industrial maintenance, hand washing is a given. I work in an FDA regulated business so sanitation and cleanliness are a given. I work long hours and long days normally so I don't have nor need much of a social life outside of my family.

I was surprised by my company and how well and fast they responded to keep us safe and healthy. We actually set the standard for other local plants and they duplicated what we did in order to stay open and running with minimal risk the their employees. Also, being in the business of making health care products, ie: hand sanitizer, alcohol and peroxide, we ramped up production and have hired many locally who were put out of work.
The thing that's surprised me the most has been the fact that, after a few months in close confinement, and rarely being able to leave the house, we haven't murdered each other or gotten divorced yet. It's been surprisingly, and delightfully, harmonious. Relative to what I was expecting, at any rate.
I'm in.

I'm surprised by how much I enjoy being at home and working at home, not having any place to be and not really wanting to go anywhere beyond the beach and walking areas in my neighborhood.
Even though we have very few cases in the northern part of my state what surprises me is the amount of people that are still shopping in the larger cities and that it hasn't spread at a more rapid pace than what it has.

Oh, the TP thing! Surprises me how much hoarding for some things is just ridiculous. Me, I would hoard can goods. I was brought up in cloth diapers 50 some years ago so I think I could find just about anything to replace TP rather then go hungry.

How cheap gas got up here in the north, was down to $1.13 a gallon. Been on the rise again at about $.15 a week though and up to $1.74 a gallon but that is still quite cheap then what it has been in the past.
Thank you for your generosity!

I'm in. I am surprised at how the world and our way of life changed, seemingly in an instant.
I'm in, thanks for the nice PIF!. I'm surprised by how most of my plans were completely disrupted by something totally out of my control. I've also developed a lot more awareness of health and how important it is.