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Contest Corona style


Nooooo, not THAT Corona. :c9:

This contest has to do with the world as we find it today. It all can seem upside down and yet here we are. So why not embrace it for what it is? That is the motivation for this most recent contest. This is for CONUS only please. We just recently released the rest of our new product line, Nor'easter, so the three winners (did I say THREE WINNERS?) will be able to choose one item from that line and it will be shipped to them pronto.

From our site:

Originating in the North Atlantic, Nor’easters thrive and pick up strength from the cold air in the atmosphere. Making landfall they bring snow and deliver a blast of cold air to the New England states. With this as inspiration, we have created a product line with a masculine base note - amber, spicy berry, lavender, citrus - topped off with a blast of menthol.

Here are the selections for you to pick from:

12218_052_Tif_NEW.jpg 11445_026_Tif.jpg 12218_079_Tif_NEW.jpg 12218_030_Tif_NEW.jpg

Here is how to enter for a chance to win. Simply answer the question, "What has surprised you about life this past two months?"

The winners will all be drawn by random.org after the contest runs a bit. Good luck to each of you!

If you haven't already, consider subscribing to our youtube channel. There are some cool behind the scenes videos of how Captain's Choice products are made, product reviews, interviews of The Captain, and more. Captain's Choice - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKGrM3XulZ51IzDpR6pvuQA

~ The Captain
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What has surprised me is how bored I have become even being someone who is generally a homebody. The fact that I haven't been able to go anywhere and do anything makes me realize just how much I take the ability to go out for granted. It's humbling honestly.
I have been surprised by the generosity that folks have shown to get through tough times. I've been surprised how well some businesses have adapted to the new reality.

I know that in myself, I am an introvert but I like it on my own terms. Staying and working at home has its challenges but I feel lucky to be able to do that. I do sometimes miss my hour commute which I didn't before the pandemic.
I’m suprised by how much my i am not getting done. I had a couple of months in my early twenties that i didnt need to know what day of the week it was. I am almost there again and i love it!
I have been surprised by the ability of people to adapt to changes forced on them by circumstances especially the elderly and first responders.
Thanks, Captain, I'm in. I've been surprised about how much more time it takes to deliver classes online than in person. I anticipated a bit more work, but all that extra time I thought I would have to read...hasn't happened.
It's hard to feel surprised during a time when time itself seems to move so slowly... and still, I am surprised everyday by how easy it was to finally get those carrots and potatoes growing. How easy it was to teach my four year old how to read and multiply and divide. How easy it was to pick up a phone and call my sister. To clean out the garage. To learn to cook again... I'm surprised at how many excuses we come up with in our daily lives, that we actually accept and then live by.
Thank you. I would say what has surprised me the most about life the past two months is how important and necessary all of our jobs really are. In my book, we're all essential. God speed, everyone.
I am in.
Have seen some vids on these products and people really like them.
Surprised : how even some doctors in the very front line (ICU) keep a beard and then put on masks..... they will never get a good seal that way!!! I had a BIG beard and chopped it off and shave every day...


Well, I'm in for aftershave.

I was surprised at how blue the sky got when the pollution was at the minimum. Those colors are disappearing again. Oh well.

The only thing I miss is Chimichangas from Las Carnitas.

I'm lucky to be retired and have enough money.
I'm in.

What surprised me about life the past two months is that given a new set of rules and a changing world, most people will adapt to the changes by coming together and helping others. For me personally, finding different ways to fulfill daily activities just become the temporary (hopefully) new normal.
I'm surprised that I'm liking working from home. I've gone into an office for 30 years and I thought I really needed the separation between my work and home, but I'm finding I can be quite productive at home. Fewer meetings and the ease of electronic collaboration are new pluses in this environment. I'm not sure how I'm going to feel going back into an office.
I am in love that scent.

I am surprised of the vast difference people are taking. Some states are wide open and some are closed?? Surprised how some do not think 1.5 million cases in the US are nothing??
I am surprised at how many people in our area are walking and gardening more than ever. Maybe I never noticed it before because I was too busy with my work and projects.
I'm surprised how much I miss shaking someone's hand. It was always such a natural action & I find that I miss it more than I thought I would. I recently worked at my old job to help out for a month & it was so hard to "knock elbows" rather than shake someone's hand who I hadn't seen in a couple of years. I hope this doesn't become the normal.
Not in (Netherlands duh)

What surprised me is how hectic our daily life was until it stood still....
Enjoyed the silence and solitude of all most no people on the streets or in the forest. No aero planes ✈ over my house. No drunk and loud people at night in the street. No people in the shops when timed just right.
Most people trying to cooperate with the rivm/cdc guidelines

OTOH the toilet paper frenzy....
The Corona parties...
Thugs vandalizing healthcare workers cars.
People who never go for a walk some how have to do that now in such numbers that locations need crowd control and be locked.
The supermarkets, garden markets, diy markets doing record sales...
People behaving badly of all ages?

The things you found the time to do and some you still did not while they are more important.

And why the.... did I shave every day when I was not working nor socializing?