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Contest Corona style

I just wanted to tell everyone about how Scott took care of the contest winners. He replied to my email right away and shipped the gift the same day. Scott has a reputation for being an Outstanding Gentleman and his and his team’s actions reinforce his well deserved reputation. Although, in correspondence Scott told me that shipping could be an issue due to COVID 19 backlogs, my gift arrived today and had free samples in it as well.
I already opened the Nor’easter Shaving Cream and it smells great. I’m going to shave with it tomorrow morning. I will write up a review from my experience after a few uses to make sure I have it dialed in. I know, I know pics or it didn’t happen...
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I wanted to echo GNR. Scott is the man. The prize arrived quickly and with extra goodies. I had already had my shave this morning so I didn't get to use it yet. It arrived before our normal mail time. The smell is great and I look forward to trying it out. Here are the soap and samples posing with my @Above The Tie aluminum SE1 and my Yaqi brush.

Thanks, again! :)